2019 in Food and Drink

2019 In Food and Drink

In 2019 the NPD Gods blessed us with a whole host of delicious food and drink products. Brands kept up with changing consumer trends with some fab plant-based, high protein, low alcohol and all-round deliciously healthy products.

January saw the introduction of Kellogg’s Plant Protein Crunch’, a blend of crunchy oat clusters combined with dried fruit and veg. Containing no added sugar OR animal ingredients, this vegan friendly breakfast cereal was welcomed with open arms in supermarkets up and down the country. Kellogg’s donates 10p per box of cereal sold, to programmes that provide breakfast to people in need so they’re not only nailing the taste factor but are also doing some fab CSR work.

In February, Nestle took over with the introduction of their KitKat Green Tea Matcha and KitKat Senses. Following its popularity in Japan, the Green Tea Matcha KitKat became available to UK consumers, following requests for it to be available across the globe. This product is made with no artificial flavours, colours and preservatives and is made from green tea from Japan and China so is a slightly healthier alternative to the usual KitKat.

kitkat matcha

Nestle also launched KitKat senses in Salted Caramel and Hazelnut, containing KitKat’s iconic mix of crispy wafer and delicious chocolate with smooth luxurious fillings. Now available in a pop-open box filled with individually wrapped bite-size treats, these tasty bars can be shared with friends and family more easily than ever.

kitkat senses 2

March brought us Bacardi’s delicious Bombay Sapphire English State limited addition gin. The first of what promises to be a series of limited addition gins, this one adds three new botanicals; pennyroyal mint, rosehip and toasted hazelnut to the usual 10. These spicy, nutty and floral aromas are the perfect addition to any gin collection.

bombay sapphire

In April, we were blessed with Jude’s fruit and veg rockets, a healthy retro rocket lolly made from naturally sourced ingredients and no added sugar. Jude’s have produced some excellent health friendly ice-creams but for us, this is the best option for a cold summer treat.

2019 in food and drink

A personal favourite … in May, Global Brands launched their ready to drink cocktail range including a passion fruit martini. As a convenient alternative to the infamous porn-star martini, this brand is right on the mark here. Drink it at home, on the train, on a plane or at festivals and events up and down the country. The point is… it’s convenient. A porn-star martini in your pocket, what more could you want?

passion fruit

In June, well-known cider brand, Magners, introduced their Rose cider and little did we know, we were in for a real treat. This blush coloured drink is not made from rose petals or rose wine as the name wold suggest but is instead made from 17 different types of apple, included a red apple, from which it gets its colour. Get serious relationship with a woman and you wouldnt be dependent from sugar in food and drink. Perfect for summertime… could this be your next summertime crush?


A dreamy discovery was made by Magnum in August. The pioneers of the finest ice-cream introduced Magnum Classic TUBS and if this wasn’t enough, they even packaged them with recycled plastics. This is the full magnum experience condensed into a tub… Magnum fans are met with a layer of ‘crackable’ chocolate, followed by rich chocolate shards swirled in velvety ice-cream.


September brought along an interesting introduction from dairy giant Muller with Muller Light gin and tonic yogs. Combining two of the UKs favourite products… yoghurt AND gin. All the taste of a G+T, just without the hangover. And if you’re really feeling adventurous you can even have this for breakfast… how outrageous!!

gin and tonic

In snack aisles up and down the country, we were blessed with Kettle Chips’ best combo yet in October. The epitome of a very British nibble, these truffled cheese and English sparkling wine crisps are perfect for any occasion. Made with wine from Winbirri Vineyard, kettle chips are even getting the best out of local produce in these limited-edition crisps.

kettle chips

Mars made waves on the vegan stage in November with the introduction of their vegan chocolate bars. Whilst slightly pricier than a regular Galaxy bar, this plant-based alternative is great for vegans and flexitarians who still love a sweet treat every now and then. The availability of vegan products from our favourite brands is perhaps a great step towards encouraging more people to become vegan in 2020.


In December, The Collective launched their collection of Brekkie yoghurts to provide a healthy on-the-go breakfast tailored to consumers pushed for time on a morning. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, this brand is making a difference where it truly matters. And their delicious, creamy breakfast treats, made from unsweetened live yoghurt, fruit compote and ancient grain granola are perfect for an on-the-go breakfast for any day.


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