Cadbury’s ‘Diet’ Chocolate Bar

Cadbury's 'Diet' Chocolate Bar

Cadbury have kindly pledged to help chocolate lovers manage their sugar intake better with a choccy bar that has been in the making for TWO years. Cadbury has promised us the much-loved Cadbury’s taste, 30% less sugar, no increase in calories, and absolutely no artificial sweeteners with their new 30% less sugar chocolate bar. 

We thought we’d put this to the test and give the chocolate a go. We asked five of our team to taste this new choccy bar and we received a mixed bag of feedback! This is what they had to say:

Luke McDonnell, Senior Recruiter – Engineering:

“It melts the same as the usual chocolate bar – but it tastes much sharper with more of a coco bean flavour.

I would however say that I prefer the normal one!”

Catherine O’Donnell, Sales Support Administrator:

“Interesting chocolate. Tastes a little like a burnt toffee and pure coco-bean. It still has the texture of Cadbury’s original, but with less warmth. It didn’t encapsulate my mouth in the same way that previous run-ins with Cadbury chocolate have. This particular product isn’t for me, but it might be for other people.”

Emily Jaggar – Associate Recruitment Consultant – Interim:

“Tastes like there is more cocoa in this product and it is much creamier than before. Not sure if I could eat a whole bar as it seems more sickly than the original bar. It’s no not as nice as normal dairy milk!”

Matthew Bastable – Associate Recruitment Consultant – Operations and Supply Chain:

“This product is surprisingly very nice  listcrawler st louis – I can see the attraction to this product. Well done Mondelez!”

Ellie Taylor – Marketing Executive:

“This isn’t my favourite bar of chocolate – if I’m having a bar of chocolate I want one that will satisfy all of my sugar cravings. But I love the idea and think the taste is great considering it contains a lot less sugar. I would recommend this product to individuals that are watching their sugar intake.”

Whilst the taste of this product isn’t quite as scrummy as the original Dairy Milk bar, it’s certainly not too bad. It’s most definitely a step in the right direction towards great tasting chocolate with less sugar and we would like to think it is raising awareness around the health risks of consuming an excessive amount of sugar. Well done Cadbury!

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