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  • Beat the New Year Blues

    Beat the New Year Blues

    Happy New Year, here are some helpful steps to avoid those New Year blues!

    Most people start the new year on a natural high after a relaxing festive period and the idea of new beginnings. As we continue further into January, the Christmas decorations return to the attic, and the work-to-do list gets progressively longer. 

    Try something new

    If you’ve always longed to start ice skating or painting workshops, now is the perfect time to learn a new skill. Taking up an extra activity or sport can top the list of things to accomplish in a new year, and the challenge can be extremely rewarding. Yet also intimidating and short-lived, so ensure you start 2023 looking forward to fresh activities with a goal in mind.

    Ensure you get enough sunlight

    Have you ever linked your mood to the lack of sun? Well, it’s a good idea to start, as a common reason for the January Blues is lack of sun exposure. Sunlight increases the release of hormones such as serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping you feel calm and focused. Melatonin is responsible for helping you sleep. Low serotonin levels create a higher risk of seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression triggered by the changing seasons.

    To avoid this, start by taking short winter strolls or increasing your level of exercise throughout the winter period.

    Avoid those unrealistic resolutions

    Often overly ambitions resolutions lead straight to the January blues. Start with baby steps and set yourself a small goal to achieve each month. Being realistic but still moving in the right direction helps to achieve your end target, without experiencing burn out.

    Take a mental break

    For many, Christmas can be an incredibly stressful time. With so many preparations, no wonder everyone is burnt out by February.

    To avoid this, take time and dedicate an entire weekend to yourself. This could be a venture to a luxury weekend getaway or something simple like a fresh hair-do. Ensuring this time for yourself will allow you to enter 2023 with the correct mindset.

    Change career

    If the dread of returning to work overlooked the excitement of a new year. Maybe your first step in 2023 is considering a change in company or career path altogether. We spend a lot of our time in the workplace, so ensuring you enjoy what you do is extremely important. Continuing in a position that leaves you unsatisfied, can be the largest contributor to the January blues.

    Here at New Chapter, we can help you, with many live vacancies on our website.

    Get in touch with our team of incredible consultants to discuss your options.
    Let us guide you into the new year, starting a new chapter.

    Are you interested in jobs within the FMCG and Retail industries?

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  • Quick & Easy Festive Treats

    Quick and Easy Festive Treats

    If in the midst of last-minute shopping, you forgot all about dessert…

    Take the stress out of baking this Christmas with these easy-yet-impressive festive treats. Whether you’re after fun cookies to decorate with the kids, or full-on showstoppers, we’ve got all your baking needs covered!



    Christmas Light Gingerbread Cookies

    It wouldn’t be right to start a Christmas baking list with anything other than gingerbread cookies.

    However, add a twist this year and create mini light-bulbs in the shape of a festive wreath.

    A perfect dessert-table centrepiece.



    White Chocolate Truffles

    Not only delicious but an amazing idea, for a last-minute gift.

    With tiny holly decorations to make these treats the highlight of the Christmas feast.



    Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites

    These mini hats are adorable and an impressive treat for the dessert table, whilst being the simplest bake on this list.

    It could not get any easier with a shop bought cheesecake, can of whipped cream and a handful of strawberries, you can make these for yourself!



    Rolo Ornament Cookies

    A simple idea but a great festive activity for kids (and adults of course!)

    You can get creative and decorate these treats however you please with just cookies, sweets, sprinkles and rolos. 



    Melted Snowman Cookies

    Why not make some heart-meltingly cute snowmen.

    If you’re looking for an easy design, this is the recipe for you. No need to be too careful, every snowman melts differently!



    Stained Glass Cookies

    If like many people, icing cookies isn’t your favourite hobby. Let the hard boiled candy do the job for you.

    Gift a little bag of these treats to friends and family, or even add some string and turn them into ornaments.



    Hot Chocolate Brownie Mugs

    With Hot Chocolate season in full swing. Here are some mini mugs that look complicated but couldn’t be easier.

    A chocolate treat that’s not only for the festive season, but perfect for any snow day!



    Candy Cane Cookies

    Such a simple but adorable design, these candy cane cookies can even be made a few days in advance!

    Just dye, twist and bake your sugar cookie dough, to watch the magic happen.



    Grinch Cookies

    Christmas cheer isn’t for everyone, but this sweet treat can make even the biggest grinch celebrate this year.

    Add green food colouring to your cookie mix and a mini heart decoration for this simple, but efficient grinch-mas design!



    Rice Krispie Trees

    Lastly, rice krispie snacks had to make an appearance, but with a festive twist.

    Decorate these mini christmas trees however you choose! Of course with a pretzel tree trunk and a star on top to finish.

    Are you interested in jobs in this industry?

    Here at New Chapter we have a selection of amazing consultants who are passionate about the FMCG industry. They spend each day helping individuals start new chapters within many sectors.

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  • New Year, New Career

    New Year, New Career

    As another year draws to a close, it’s not uncommon to start thinking about a new career and goals looking forwards.

    Often the ‘new year, new you’ mentality takes over with many saying ‘next year I’ll sort that out’. This increases the amount of job seekers flooding the market in January and rises the level of competition. However, the steps you take now can significantly increase your chances of securing your dream role in the new year.

    We have compiled 5 tips to help you prepare yourself before the new year job surge;

    1. Clear out and update your social pages

    Get ahead of the game before you start applying and update your social media profiles.

    It isn’t uncommon for employers to view social platforms when assessing candidates. In fact studies have shown 70% of employers utilise the results to decide whether to move to the next stage. LinkedIn is a useful tool when job searching as many recruitment companies use the platform to find new candidates. Therefore, ensure first and foremost you have a profile. Secondly, make sure it is up to scratch and filled with as much detail as possible. Make the most of this platform with the tools and certified courses available online.

    2. Chat with a recruiter

    Speaking to a specialist recruiter in the industry can not only help you understand your options for salary, skills, and roles. It can also increase the potential range of more senior positions. Whilst many jobs are advertised on public platforms. The higher salary, senior roles may only be found through recruitment agencies. Utilise them to help you market your CV to the right employers. You can then increase your exposure and save time.

    New Career

    Here at New Chapter, we cover all sorts of roles across FMCG and Retail. Get in touch with one of our consultants today to discuss what you are looking for and explore potential roles.

    3. Stay open minded

    Having a flexible attitude toward your job search can expand your range of opportunities. It can often be a challenge but it is always worth considering a change of location or even career path, when searching.

    Whilst having a clear goal for your career is very important, and never a bad thing. Making sure to remain open minded and flexible can help lead you to the perfect role. For example, it can be easy to disregard a company’s culture if the role sounds perfect. But looking for a work environment that reflects your personal values will be more beneficial for your happiness in the long-term.

    4. Beat the new year rush

    With many feeling the back-to-work blues after the festive period, the level of competition heading into the new year is high.

    Many don’t realise that December is a great time to start a job search, most employers keep a clearer work calendar around Christmas and spend time pre-planning for January to start the year with fresh talent and goals – so it is a great time to get yourself in front of an employer!

    Candidates tend to postpone their searches until the new year but plan to leave current roles before that, for a longer break over the holidays or for a fresh start in January. So, take advantage of this key time in the year and get ahead of the competition!

    New Career

    5. Consider your long-term goals

    Use the festive period to analyse your career goals, where do you want to be in the next five years? If you’re not on track to achieve this, what can change to ensure you get there?

    Every role shapes your career so prepare yourself for interviews, put together a winning CV and explore ways to increase your skill set to ensure you can achieve that dream!

    We would love to help you through each step of your career journey, all the way to landing that perfect role. Explore the live roles on our website now and chat to one of our consultants about your long-term goals.

    With a wide range of exciting opportunities across FMCG and Retail, there is plenty of new avenues for you to explore and consider. Whether that be finding the perfect new company to be a part of or taking a bigger step by looking into a complete career change, what better time than the new year!

    Subscribing to our job alerts or simply following us on social media, might be the difference to secure that role you’ve always dreamt of. With many vacancies going live each week, now is the perfect time to be looking for a new challenge.

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  • Gift Guide Round Up

    Ultimate Gift Guide Round up for Every Personality

    Still need help from a gift guide?   

    Need a few stocking fillers?

    With the festive season in full swing, last minute panic buying for different occasions has begun (although you still have time to avoid the big day panic!). If you’re stumped for ideas this festive season, we’ve compiled a gift guide to help steer you in the right direction. Specially selected unique and fun gifts for every personality!

    Time to take your gift ideas up a notch…

    1. Best for the Forgetful Friend

    An AirTag is a great gift for those friends, coworkers and family who spend their whole lives asking ‘have you seen my..?’

    Buy now from Apple for £35!

    2. Best for the Tiny Home Dweller

    Buying for someone with little appliance space or just an obsession with cute mini objects, a Mini Waffle Maker is the perfect gift!

    Buy now from Dunelm for £14!

    3. Best for the Adoring Dog Owner

    Everyone knows someone who is dog obsessed, why not buy them a matching jumper set, perfect for those Christmas family photos.

    Buy now from Spark Paws for £40 (human hoodie) & £18 (dog hoodie)!

    4. Best for the Bake-Off Wannabe

    Buying for a baking fanatic? Why not get them a Cake Pop Making Kit, hopefully they will supply you with endless cake in return!

    Buy now from Lakeland for £12.99!

    5. Best for the Adoring Cat Owner

    What’s not to love about cats in Jumpers! For that cat obsessed friend, get them a Christmas Cat Tea Towel from a small business.

    Buy now from Not on the Highstreet for £12!


    6. Best for the Foodie

    A gift that’s always a safe bet, is chocolate. Why not go the extra step and buy them fancy Natalie Belgian Praline penguin chocolates!

    Buy now from John Lewis for £5.50!

    7. Best for the Plant Parent

    If the person you are buying for is that skilled they can keep a plant alive for longer than a week (unlike many of us), why not buy them this stylish hanging basket to add to their house plant collection.

    Buy now from Habitat for £12!

    8. Best for the Party Animal

    Who doesn’t love a fairy light, or even better, cocktail fairy lights! Support a small business and gift some Margarita Cocktail LED Lights, to help jazz up their next party (or even just the house all year round!)

    Buy now from Etsy for £7.86!

    9. Best for the Heating Hater

    You could gift a blanket hoodie to anyone, not only is it simply a great gift but it comes with the extra benefits of reducing office heating wars and might even help toward saving on the heating at home too! 

    Buy now from Next for £36!

    10. Best for the Gamer

    Does anyone really need a Tiny Arcade Machine? Of course they do, and its the perfect secret santa gift for any gamer!

    Buy now from Argos for £20!


    11. Best for the Biscuit Obsessed

    Don’t think twice when gifting a Cookie Warmer Mug, perfect for everyone, especially at this time of year!

    Buy now from Flying Tiger for £5!

    12. Best for the still no idea what to buy you

    We have given you our top ten, but your still stumped. Who wouldn’t love a pair of socks with your face all over them?! (or maybe just stick to something safe like a lottery ticket)

    Buy now from Funky Pigeon for £14.99!



    Here at New Chapter, Team London had their festive afternoon last week where we shut our laptops for the afternoon and had some fun.

    So, the panic buying for our consultants in London is over, with a very successful secret Santa complete – what even is an office Christmas without one? To see more of the day and what we got up to check out our Instagram Reel!

    Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, we hope it can help you out this December.

    Why not get yourself the extra present this year of a new job?

    Check out our website to search our live job vacancies now!


    Get in touch for a chat so we can learn about you and what you want out of your career.
    ☎️ 0845 200 741

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  • FMCG The Rise of Sustainable Fashion

    The Rise of Sustainable Fashion

    With continuously growing concern for the climate, a big contributor to the crisis is fast fashion. The industry is responsible for water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and landfill. With over 300,000 tonnes of clothing going to landfill each year.

    Many companies and brands have been continuing to enter the market with the mission to help combat environmental issues by creating sustainable solutions. In addition to the environmental benefits, businesses promoting sustainable and circular fashion offer consumers a cheaper way to shop in the current economic situation, where many of us are facing huge squeezes on disposable income.

    Sustainable Brands


    Lucy & Yak, an independent clothing company based in New Zealand and sold internationally, have chosen many sustainable options within their product production. From their newest factory having a completely sustainable energy source, powered by solar energy, to employees being paid the living wage, and packing bags created from 100% recycled and biodegradable materials. Lucy & Yak continue to strive and create ideas to increase their sustainability with recent news in their May – September 2022 report announcing they are fully GOTS certified. From processing to distribution, they follow the guidelines to having sustainably processed fabric with organic fibres and ensuring they are environmentally and socially responsible during this process.

    Sustainable Platforms

    In recent years, we have seen many sustainable fashion apps and websites blow up, from selling clothes to renting them on a short-term basis, allowing consumers to have more options when trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Ebay has always been a big contributor for selling items second hand, along with Facebook Marketplace increasing in popularity in recent years. In the fashion industry specifically, we have seen apps such as Depop and Vinted grow significantly.

    A key player in the current market is Vinted, an app which makes it easy to buy and sell pre-owned clothes and accessories, providing a simple way to shop sustainably or earn yourself some extra money by selling clothing you no longer wear. With the rising need to buy sustainably, more people are slowly gravitating towards second hand items instead of fast fashion retailers.

    My WardrobeHQ

    My WardrobeHQ is another business we can acknowledge for this, who in recent news has been recognised for their sustainability. First launching in 2019 as Britain’s first fashion rental marketplace, their aim is to provide the fashion industry with a circular economy to stop this waste and extend each garment’s life by up to 15 times. Prolonging the life cycle of your clothes by 9 months can reduce your environmental impact by up to 30%!


    They have been able to encourage an entirely new market to the luxury fashion industry with many who wouldn’t have considered spending large amounts on a singular piece, now have the option to rent or try before they buy. Carrying a selection of accessories and clothing from over 500 designers including Stella McCartney, Gucci, Prada, Anya Hindmarch, Chanel, Saint Laurent and many more, it allows MyWardrobeHQ to appeal to many different styles and tastes.

    In the past week we have seen the launch of luxury retailer Karen Millen who have partnered with MyWardrobe HQ to launch their new rental platform, Karen Millen Rotates. A businesses that pledges to ‘contribute to a circular economy’, allowing customers to rent clothing items from four to fourteen days, for just £6 per day.

    Buying specific clothing items for events or special occasions, is unsustainable but also an expensive way to shop. Making use of sites like Karen Millen Rotates, enables you to not only help the environment but save money long-term.

    Here at New Chapter we have a selection of amazing consultants helping individuals start new chapters across an array of industries within FMCG.

    If you are interested in exploring roles within retail and FMCG, or specifically fashion please get in touch!

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  • FMCG Attracting Top Talent

    Consultant: Rachael Carver (Head of Consumer FMCG)

    Specialism: Sales, Marketing, Digital and E-com within FMCG and Consumer Goods

    Let’s Chat: How to attract the top talent into your business.

    Are you a hiring manager looking to attract top talent into your team?

    If so, I’m sure you will know by now how competitive the market for talent in FMCG is right now.
    Doing a few things right can significantly increase your chances of hiring your dream candidate.

    My top 4 tips:

    1. Move Quickly!

    Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes…If a process takes too long it’s easy to disengage or start to wonder how committed the company is to you. Candidates are often in multiple processes too, so clients that provide prompt feedback and move quickly between interviews and to offer give themselves the greatest chance of securing the best candidate.

    2. Give the candidates a chance to meet the team

    Moving jobs is a big step and often you’re engaging with candidates that aren’t actively looking for a new role. A candidate once said to me that you’re making one of the biggest decisions of your life based on spending a few hours in total interviewing with your prospective employer. Giving FMCG candidates a chance to meet with the team and getting to know them can increase engagement and make sure that there’s a strong cultural fit on both sides. Often candidates only meet with managers and directors but meeting their peers too is what will help them get to know the company on a greater level and know more about their day to day.

    3. Go in with the right offer!

    You can easily lose candidates with a low ball offer. Would you want to join a company that is undervaluing you from the off? If you consider how hard it is to find a candidate that has the right experience, values and cultural fit then losing them due to under offering is a risky game to play. The cost of not having someone in your team is often greater than the money you’re trying to save.

    4. Don’t assume that everyone wants to work for you

    It’s easy to think that there’s no better opportunity than yours but remember, you know the benefits of working for your company because you’ve lived it! It’s hard to convey that to a potential candidate and it’s an increasing competitive landscape with brands innovating more and offering extra employee perks and flexibility.

    I’ve chosen these four points as they are all easy to implement. They don’t require a brand rehaul or review of your company benefits packages etc.

    It’s 4 simple steps within the recruitment process that can increase your success rate when hiring.

    I hope it helps!

    Rachael Carver (Head of Consumer)

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  • The Beneficial Impact of Incentives

    Many believe that money is one of the focal incentives for employees. However according to Glassdoor, data indicates that money isn’t enough to retain or bring in new talent.  

    Ensuring staff feel valued and motivated within their role is crucial for all organisations, no matter what industry. It helps create a positive working environment where individuals respect the company and feel driven to work.

    Here at New Chapter, we strongly believe that the incentives we run add huge value to the company and the people that make it.

    There are many ways to celebrate staff and create a positive place to work, from benefits, to culture, working space and financial rewards. But today we wanted to explore the benefits of incentives (and give you a little look into our recent trip to Hvar!).

    Productivity is essential for an organisations success and there are many ways to drive this within employees. Incentives are a way to provide direction and goals to strive towards that in turn, result in reward. This can help keep employees focused and motivate to achieve them.

    Incentives can come in all shapes and sizes, from a meal out to a holiday away. Whatever it is to demonstrate your value for the hard work and commitment your  employees dedicate to their roles.

    Particularly in a time where home working is far more prevalent. Creating a culture of recognition is extremely important to keep satisfaction and productivity high. Equally it provides a way of keeping people connected.

    Both for smaller companies who are gradually taking on new staff as they grow, and larger companies where employees are spread across teams and cities (or even countries). There is a need to bring everyone together to help develop corporate relationships in the workplace. Providing incentives which allow for this can help create strong bonds at work and an environment where team collaboration will come naturally.

    According to Teamstage, almost half of prospective employees evaluate potential employers by their company culture. 46% of job seekers said culture was one of the deciding factors in the application process. While 88% found it at least relatively important.

    Different types of incentives can help toward breaking barriers, creating a positive company culture and team morale. Furthermore, it builds an element of excitement into individuals’ roles as they work together toward achieving the next incentive.

    Incentives offer a way to provide positive reinforcement each time employees perform in a way in which the company stands for. This can particularly be a great leading example to new employees. It also can help create an understanding across the company of the core values.

    Incentives not only have the ability to motivate staff day to day, but they can develop into something more. They have the potential to increase loyalty and staff retention. The benefits we have discussed can be the very reason your employees chose to stay working for you.

    Showcasing incentive schemes, trips and days out can be a great way to help you attract new talent and demonstrate the culture. It can be a huge selling point to individuals looking for a new role and can help you to stand out to other potential employers.

    What our CEO thinks

    Getting the team together in social settings is a key way that we ensure the NC values and styles of working are passed down. This is even more important now we have a hybrid model and spend less time in our offices. It’s also a great way to build our team as ultimately, we succeed or fail as a team. It’s important to celebrate the successes together.
    Adrian Dalby

    New Chapter - Incentive trip 2022

    Recently we went on our end of year incentive trip to Hvar. Firstly, how do you make it on a New Chapter incentive?

    In contrast to the typical sales incentive trip, here at NC it is based on team performance rather than individual.


    We wanted to help build on our team culture and work on getting as many people on the trip as possible.

    A mini personal target is set for those who have been in the company for less than six months. This gives them the opportunity to also make it onto the trip.   

    Secondly, the fun bit, what we got up to!

    We spent four days exploring the gorgeous island and it couldn’t have been a more perfect place for our incentive trip. We ate great food, experienced the best bars and clubs on (and off) the island, sunbathed, spent the day on our own boat, swam in the sea a lot, drank a lot, laughed A LOT and watched some beautiful sun sets.

    Take a look at some of our memories:

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  • Facing Job Rejection and Planning Your Next...

    Facing Job Rejection and Planning Your Next Steps

    With all the effort that goes into securing a new role and the excitement of potentially landing a dream job, facing job rejection can be very hard thing to process, no matter what stage of the search journey you are at.

    Your confidence can certainly take a knock and it can be easy to beat your self up but the key to remember is with the right mindset job rejection can be used as a powerful career development tactic. Learning how to deal with rejection is a valuable talent to have and one that, if mastered, can only make you stronger.

    We have gathered a few ways to help you prepare or in fact, help you through a current struggle from job rejection plus what next steps to take.

    This can be easier said than done for some, however…

    Initially it can take a bit of time to accept, during this period only focusing on the negatives of your process, criticizing your self and thinking poorly of your abilities and performance is not going to help nor change the out come, in fact it will just make you feel a lot worse! You can of course do this constructively which we will touch on later in our blog.

    Holding frustration or resentment on the situation will only hinder your job search because of course, facing job rejection is not the end of your search.

    If you got as far as interview stage, that’s already more than many and you did extremely well. Remain positive and focus on all your amazing skills and qualities to help pick yourself up and confidently walk into your next interview. Now is the time to keep believing in yourself!

    It may seem strange we are suggesting that you thank someone following a job rejection. However, in the long term, it can be beneficial to your career. Your thank-you note is an opportunity for you to expand your network, ask for feedback and request consideration for any future opportunities.

    As we mentioned a follow up message gives an opportunity to gather feedback. This can sometimes feel slightly daunting but blending it in to a soft follow up email can make it much easier!

    It’s never nice hearing negative feedback about ourselves, but first of all it is important to remember that feedback is not always negative. It may perhaps be you are overqualified for a role or perhaps they don’t feel as though they will meet your cultural expectations for example.

    Either way, feedback can only have a positive outcome as we learn and move on with a deeper insight and development of ourselves, it is something you can take and use to your advantage in your next interview.

    Remember to ask what they thought went well too, this a positive way to end the feedback and help you feel encouraged by other areas of your performance.

    Your qualities and abilities are still amazing even if you were denied, so don’t take that as a reflection. When it comes to the hiring process companies weigh up multiple considerations, not to mention they can face hundreds of initial applicants. There can be so many factors out your control as to why you may or may not land the job.

    Try to focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

    Remember that what one employer may not want, another may love and have the absolute need for – we cant be perfect for everyone, equally as they are not always perfect for us!

    Acknowledge that rejection is a necessary part of life we all go through and accept the rejection with acceptance. What is meant for you will be, so however frustrating the situation try to keep that message focal in your mind.

    If you accept failure with an open mind, you are opening the door to other new opportunities and taking yourself down a new path that will lead to your success and happiness!

    Working on these areas will help you stay positive in your job search which must go on.

    So, what next steps should you take?

    Once you receive your feedback take some time to process each area, take a look at each part and what the interviewer felt could be improved.

    • What went well, where were mistakes and what could have been improved.
    • Did you do enough research on the company?
    • Did you prepare your answers thoroughly enough?
    • If you had to present, were your presentation skills the best they could be, was your presentation accurate and detailed enough?


    Try and understand each area of the interview you gained feedback on and identify what was not right for this company, or what you need to work on going forward.

    Use your experience and feedback as personal development for future stages of your job search.

    Make note of key areas from your analysis, particularly any weaknesses or issues that going forward,  you can use to fix any potential gaps within your performance and try to avoid in future.

    If job rejection is affecting your confidence build your self a ‘bragging list’.

    Make a list of all your accomplishments, qualities, skills and any stand out contributions in past roles.

    Within your list you could include some key achievements such as obstacles you have faced in your career and what you did to over come them. Questions like this are not only great to showcase, but they can be common in interviews so you will be pre prepared with strong answers.

    This straightforward task can instantly transform you from disheartened to totally excited by recognising your talents and capacity to succeed in the face of a difficult situation.

    Practice makes perfect, you can never do too much of it!

    It’s always great to be prepared and this is particularly important if you think it could be where you fell short. Focus on areas you struggled with and maybe even try practicing with a college or family member for your next interview. Check out our past blog full of lots of interview prep tips to help you build that confidence for the next time one occurs.

    One of the most important next steps, Get back out there!

    Although going back to square one can feel extremely draining at times, looking for your next role can help keep your mind busy and distract you from the recent rejection. Plus, finding roles which excite you will help to remind there are more great opportunities out there and may help return some of your motivation and joy to the job search!

    While dealing with rejection is never easy, it can be a great way to learn more about yourself and improve your job search strategies. Good things are always worth the wait, and with perseverance and a positive mindset, your dream career could be only around the corner.

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  • Consultant Spotlight

    Hello! I’m Shannon, a Managing consultant at New Chapter.

    I started at New Chapter recruiting within FMCG and Hospitality, focusing on Marketing and Sales roles. As I grew within my career, understanding where my passions lie and what brands I enjoyed recruiting for, I decided to focus in on the Hospitality industry – specifically within Casual Dining and QSR.

    I love trying new foods and keeping an eye on the market to see which brands are doing what!

    As the pandemic took hold, I made the decision to take on the role of Talent Acquisition and Engagement Manager within the start up QSR brand Jollibee Europe, building not only their head office team but also their store level teams. In the year I was there, I doubled their Head Office team across Marketing, Operations, Finance and Supply Chain and helped set up and recruit store level staff for over 10 stores.

    As I spent a year in an internal Talent Acquisition role, I have a unique understanding of how QSR and hospitality businesses work and the types of candidates needed to make them a success. By partnering with me, any brand can find comfort in knowing I have an in-depth understanding of the process and also the key competencies needed from candidates in all sectors in order to make any brand a success.

    Since coming back to New Chapter, I have supported many incredible QSR and Causal Dining brands recruiting roles from Restaurant Manager up to Head of Marketing!

    A Candidate Experience:

    I hadn’t heard of New Chapter before, I only discovered the company once Shannon approached me about a role via LinkedIn.

    I was looking for a new role as my old one was a short term contract based role with no view of becoming permanent. I was looking for a new permanent position which this one offered me.

    It was excellent, Shannon was friendly, attentive, and consistently kept me updated throughout the process.

    Shannon was extremely knowledgeable about not just the role but also the company and industry. She constantly checked in, even after the role was secured. 

    I would highly recommend New Chapter, my experience was great. They were an attentive and professional company.

    What Do Other Partners Have To Say?

    Whether you are a business looking for help recruiting the best individuals for your company, or an individual looking to embark on the next chapter of your career – I would love to chat! 

    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch:
    07720 593253

    Visit My Page!

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  • On-The-Go Cocktails For Summer 2022

    On-The-Go Cocktails For Summer 2022

    With the increasing popularity of pre-mixed cocktails growing, along with our desire for flavor pushing new and fun ranges into the market, we thought, what better way to get prepared for summer than with a bank of on-the-go cocktails!

    We have explored the market bringing you new and old brands offering ready to drink mixes. Covering the classics such as the Negroni & Espresso Martini, or why not go for a watermelon and cucumber by Ace+Freak if you’re feeling like a change!

    Time to take your picnic up a notch…


    Cutwater are an award winning American spirits brand giving you everything from bottled spirits to frozen cocktail pops. 

    Their broad canned cocktails range covers Tequila, Vodka, Rum and Whiskey based  – something for everyone!

    Starting at £12 for a 4 pack

    Angels Dare

    A small, young and fast growing company in Dumbarton, working to redefine the cocktail in the can. The fun loving brand sells every cocktail at £5.50, no matter what pack size you go for.

    Each cocktail is personally created by MD Michael Crozier, and they currently offer a range of three.

    Savyll Beverage

    A beautifully classy brand producing alcohol free RTD cocktails. Made to bring together people of all lifestyles and cultures ‘ to celebrate the fun and richness of life’.

    Four flavours available in both the can or a glass bottle are suitable for all occasions. 

    From £11.99 (4 can pack)


    Low calorie cocktail brand Vin Crowd were set up in 2019 by Kingsland Drinks, and are available in Co-op, Drink Well UK, and also on Amazon. 

    There fun bright packaging showcases their two flavours: Botanical Spritz & Pink Spritz

    From £2.30

    MOTH Cocktails

    MOTH: mix of total happiness. 

    Inspired by good company, cocktails and conversation, the brand has created four classic flavours in a can ‘so that special mix can happen anywhere’. 

    From £3.99

    You’ve got the cocktails, but they aren’t complete without some tunes – check out our very own summer playlist!


    Founded by two couples who set out to create ‘a drinks company that is clear, transparent, and pure as water.’

    With only 93 calories, natural ingredients, and 5% ABV, Fountain Hard Seltzer comes in a number of fresh fruit flavours.

    From £14 (6 pack)

    NIO Cocktails

    NIO takes a classy twist on the ready to drink cocktail market, offering convenient cocktails in style. 

    The menu features 14 cocktail recipes which you can chose from to create your own postal delivered box… all you need to do is add ice.

    From £19.50  


    A sustainable cocktail business on a mission to be part of positive change, committed to becoming regenerative by 2026.

    With an aim to create a canned alcoholic drink alternative, that wasn’t synthetic tasting and overly sweet they formed Sipful.

    From £2.40

    Ace + Freak

    Award winning all natural + vegan cocktail in a can ‘made for a generation of drinkers who give AF’.

    As supporters of Ace Initiatives 5p of every can goes toward the charity. 

    The range has three unique flavours starting from £14.95 (6 pack)

    Two Days

    Not quite the cocktail, but a very cool session vodka soda. Two Days is a can you can enjoy wherever, whenever.

    The lime, raspberry and peach soda flavours offer a light refreshing experience; with zero sugar, gluten free and under 70 calories too!

    From £30 (case of 12) 

    Here at New Chapter we have a selection of amazing consultants who are passionate about the drinks industry. They spend each day helping individuals start new chapters within many sectors of the industry. If you are interested please get in touch!

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