Maintaining an Inclusive Environment in Lockdown 2.0

Maintaining an Inclusive Environment in Lockdown 2.0

Managers must re-prioritise and communicate clearly to bring everyone together and ensure employee’s personal needs are met while advocating an inclusive environment. Below we offer helpful suggestions to achieve this.

  1. Boost Virtual Connections

Conduct virtual sessions across the company to connect employees through a common interest. For example, hold virtual yoga sessions or virtual career development meetings for specific demographics within your business.

  1. Manage Representation

Managers have a unique role in caring for their teams. To ensure this responsibility is being conducted effectively, managers should hold regular conversations with members of their team about time management and to establish project prioritisation. This will keep employees motivated as their level of accountability will increase.

  1. Help People Speak up on Virtual Meetings

Adopt multi-sensory cues to establish who is listening and who is speaking. Relying on visual cues, such as hand gestures, could exclude participants who are visually impaired, temporarily distracted or have poor internet connection, as they are less likely to see the gesture.

Appoint a moderator that is separate from the speaker and leave space at the end of the meeting for those who were quiet to ask questions.

  1. Make sure Meetings and Presentations are Accessible

Use real time closed captions to help those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Also, providing a dial-in option for those with poor internet connection will help overall employee experience and feeling of inclusion.

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