Our Top Ten Reight’​ Yorkshire Brands

Yorkshire… God’s own country and the home of chips and gravy and the Yorkshire pud. Yorkshire has given the world an abundance of things; Marks and Spencer, the Bronte sisters, the Kaiser Chiefs, and stainless steel. But us Yorkshire folk ‘ant ‘alf done bad in providing the nation with some of the biggest food and drinks brands. Here are our top 10 reight’ Yorkshire brands:

1.      Yorkshire Tea 

The home of the ‘proper brew’. Made by Taylors of Harrogate, a family business founded in 1886, this brand works hard to stay true to their love of fairness, flavour and equality. And it’s safe to say they deliver. Once you try it, you will never go back. This brand is also big on being kind to the planet and work closely with the Rainforest Alliance to reduce the environmental impact of tea growing.

Celebrity endorsers include Sean Penn, the Brownlee brothers and Michael Parkinson. And if you’re looking for some marketing inspiration, this brand has it down to a tea. 

We wouldn’t drink anything else in our office.

2.      The Yorkie

Originally made by Rowntree’s of York (“where the men are hunky and the chocolate’s chunky”), this chocolate bar ‘is not for girls’. A chunkier alternative to Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, this brand is well and truly satisfying all of our chocolate needs. 

3.      John Smiths

A reight’ Yorkshire pint and the number one classic ale in the UK. Produced in Tadcaster, this bitter is “only ordinary by name”, and is produced in one of the largest breweries in the country. This “No-nonsense” brand has become synonymous with horse racing and I can guarantee you will find it in the hand of Yorkshire-folk in pubs across the country. 

4.      Wenslydale Cheese 

Based at the heart of Yorkshire is the Wenslydale Creamery where cheese making dates back to 1150. This award-winning cheese maker mixes traditional methods with innovation to develop brand new cheese recipes. Popular cheeses include; traditional Yorkshire Wenslydale, Wenslydale and Cranberry, Wenslydale Blue, Wenslydale Kit Calvert, and Hot and Spicy Cheddar. We would recommend adding this selection to your cheese board and if you’re after a day out… you can even visit the creamery in Hawes.

5.      Henderson’s Relish

Essential to every slice of cheese on toast, and a shepherd’s pie, at number 5 we have Henderson’s Relish. This vegetarian brand offers lots of spicy goodness for all and is the perfect condiment for any dish. This family owned business produces this relish in the Steel City, right next to a university campus (lucky students!), and has done for more than 100 years. Good old Hendy’s Relish will improve any meal so add it to your condiments cupboard and use liberally. 

6.      Terry’s Chocolate Orange 

Created by Terry’s in 1932 in York, this brand is a time old favourite across the UK and beyond. This orange shaped chocolate-ball is made with orange oil, so is surely one of our five-a-day?

According to actress Dawn French, there is only one way to indulge… “don’t tap it, whack it”! Terry’s have created a series of limited addition chocolate oranges; orange snowball, orange popping candy, mint orange. So keep your eyes peeled in stores for these orange-shaped chocolatey treats and “whack and unwrap” before you tuck in. 

7.      Polo Mints 

The mint with the hole has grown to become a big part of British culture. You could even say it’s part of’t furniture. This breath mint will leave you feeling cool, and a sort of minty fresh. Interestingly, the introduction of polo mints was halted by the onset of WW2. These mints came along in 1947, and were followed by polo fruits. 

8.      Kitkat

The king of chocolate-covered wafer bars! Kit kat are truly providing the goods here and we are eternally grateful. The best companion to a cuppa’, these chocolatey treats make #mybreak better. If you can’t get enough of this tasty brand, check out the kit kat chunky (aka King Kit Kat), launched in 1999. 

“Have a break… have a kitkat”, and even mix it up with a KK Cookie Dough, or P&B kity kat. 

9.      Seabrooks crisps 

The real MVP and time old classic crinkle cut crisp. Lovingly made in Yorkshire AND gluten free, this company transform the humble potato into a tasty snack with pride. If the classic crinkle cut wasn’t enough, this brand even offer lattice and straight cut crispies in a large variety of flavours so there is bound to be something for everyone. You can even get your hands on 6 bags of these for a quid in most supermarkets… what a bargain. 

10.  Party Rings 

Not for the faint hearted, these round biccies come in at number 10 and are likely to be found in every school lunchbox since ’83. This iced circular shaped biscuit comes in five colour combinations and even comes in minis! These treats are a valued member of all school parties. 

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