Taste Test – Taylor’s Coffee Bag

Taste Test - Taylor's Coffee Bags

Harrogate’s finest tea producer are revolutionising the coffee industry with the invention of their brew in the bag coffee. This new coffee, with extraordinary flavour, is sourced from the world’s best growers and is roasted in a traditional drum roaster in Harrogate, before being packed into a little bag ready for brewing!

Taylors were promoting this new product in Leeds station so on my commute to work I grabbed a handful of bags for the office and handed them out to a few of the team! This is what everyone had to say about this exciting new proper coffee with no fuss…

Resident coffee addict Kathy LOVED the concept but wasn’t so sure on the taste. She said that…

“I was really excited to try this as I love my coffee! My initial thought was where is the string? I soon got over this and waited patiently for the recommended two-minute brewing time to pass. Verdict: Looks like filtered coffee, smells like filtered coffee, tastes (in my opinion) a little like burnt coffee. I like the idea but a few tweaks to the taste would need to be made for this to become a regular purchase for me.”

Catherine was certainly impressed with the product and would give it a strong 9/10. She said…

“Loved this cup of coffee! Has the taste and texture of a filter coffee, smells like a fresh pot of just-brewed coffee, and definitely perked me up after my journey into work.

Deffo recommend!”

Dan loved this product so much that he will be adding it to his list of regular buys…

“I really enjoyed the coffee and could definitely see myself buying the coffee in the bag! The coffee taste was really refreshing and would be perfect every morning! If Taylors would like to supply the free cake it would go down a treat with a coffee like this!

#givemefreecofee #bagit #givemeit”

In Matt’s short but sweet review he said…

“Very nice, definitely better when having black coffee, wouldn’t mix with milk – 7/10.”

If, like us, you’d love to try this lovely new product, or if your office is home to multiple coffee addicts (just likes ours), you can find out more about Taylors Coffee Bags here.

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