Tony’s Chocolonely: The Sweet Solution to Chocolates Bitter Truth

Tony's Chocolonely:
A Sweet Solution to Chocolate's Bitter Truth

Tony’s Chocolonely have released chocolate bars that strive to be a sweet solution to chocolate’s bitter truth. And they have certainly ruffled a few feathers.

Packaging on each of the bars has been designed to be significantly familiar to famous house-hold name chocolate bars. These designs have been purposefully chosen to prove that all chocolate, whatever shape, size, or flavour; can be enjoyed guiltlessly.


Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars

The chocolate bars are made using Tony’s 5 Souring Principles to tackle poverty, unfairness, and exploitation in the coca supply chain. Tony’s Chocolonely believes following these Sourcing Principles means the company are 100% responsible for their supply chain, and a step further to eliminating slave labour. 

Tony’s chocolate bars were meant to be available in UK stores on the 25th of January for a three-week period… but two large chocolate makers put the pressure on retailers to take them off the shelves. It seems these chocolate makers are keen to hide from the problem, rather than solve it.

Despite this blow, Tony’s Chocolonely are pushing forward their agenda to achieve the complete abolishment of slavery and illegal child labour within the chocolate production process.

To support Tony’s Chocolonely in their campaign, click the button below to sign their petition…

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