Drinks Industry: Monthly Sector Spotlight

Monthly Sector Spotlight: The Drinks Industry

Welcome back to New Chapter Monthly Sector Spotlights!

Each month we are talking to one Consultant from each industry we recruit for here at New Chapter. This month it’s time for our Drinks Consultant Emma to showcase her work in the Drinks industry. We can understand what the Drinks market is looking like at the moment.


Meet Emma!

Emma is the Drinks Industry Divisional Manager here at new Chapter. She has been a vital component to the business for 10 years now. In that time she has made a big name for herself within the Drinks Industry.

Working with brands such as Della Vite, Real Kombucha, Laurent-Perrier, and more. Emma has built up a vast range of experience with premium, non-premium, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages. 

So, without further ado, click on the green questions to find out what’s going on in the Drinks industry!

How much it evolves and how there are constantly new trends that are often started by smaller brands that then blow up into a huge new category that the big drinks companies then try to copy.

Take Seedlip as an example. No one was drinking or talking about no/low before those guys showed up and now it’s a huge growing category that’s completely changed the way a lot of us drink. I just find it fascinating.

Sales, Marketing and Operations Managers.

Covid has hit the drinks industry hard, mainly due to the hospitality industry being closed for such a long time. It’s been really interesting to see how brands have evolved quickly in this time though, to offering at home cocktail kits and subscription services and brands investing in their ecomm and D2C channels generally.

From a recruitment perspective, it has been really great to see how many have adapted to interviewing over Teams or Zoom and perhaps meeting for a socially distanced walk as a final stage. This has meant that processes have actually moved much quicker and candidates have even met more of the team as they were able to get people in one place much easier now that everyone is WFH.

Yes, candidates with Ecomm, digital and grocery experience are in high demand!

I think the worlds of no and low is going to continue to evolve and hopefully become a lot more accessible for people to have interesting options if they aren’t drinking.

I’m also really interested to see how English wine evolves to becoming more mainstream. It’s been a quietly growing category for some time now but what with Brexit and/ or people just wanting to consume home grown produce, I think there could be some really exciting growth there.

We hope you have enjoyed this month’s sector spotlight!

If you have any questions regarding your recruitment, or you just fancy a chat about what’s going on in the industry at the moment, give us a call!

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