The Great Resignation of 2021 – Is It Time to Change Roles?

The Great Resignation of 2021 – Is It time to Change Roles?

You may or may not have heard conversation over the past couple of months surrounding ‘the great resignation’. This has become a particularly talked about topic recently. It is yet another significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. But what is it?

The number of people resigning from their jobs since mid-2021 has been the highest for a very long time. This has meant open job vacancies surpassed 1 million for the first time in August. Leading us to ‘The great resignation of 2021’!

There are many reasons behind this trend, particularly with the pandemic highlighting numerous issues for individuals. It has made them reassess what is a priority in their working life. Amongst these issues is role burn out, lack of employee focus, poor working conditions, and fear of catching the virus.


The months of the pandemic for some saw increased stress levels and working hours. Which comes hand in hand with home working. It’s therefore no surprise this has caused burn out for many in their roles. Along with the feeling of underappreciation or value in the company. Covid is still a part of our lives, and the lasting effects this has had on employees remains, This is evident in the subsequent trend of reconsideration and resignation of roles. 

Interestingly, two of our largest sectors we recruit in, the food service and retail commerce industries. Have had the first and second highest rate of employee turnover in 2021 respectively. The food sector employee turnover was 6.8% and retail commerce at 4.7%.


Rapid Growth

After rapid growth of the great resignation trend, with the peak in August. This has created one of the most unpredictable jobs market we have ever seen. Now we are watching this level out, but how does that leave the employability and recruitment market?

British employers are facing the most severe shortage of candidates on record. The ratio of job seekers to open vacancies becoming unbalanced after the surge of job moves. For the first time in a long time, candidates were in control of the market. Now that they are settled in new positions, businesses have been left searching for individuals to fill their vacancies. This is pushing up starting pay for at an unprecedented pace. Business are now trying to find ways to help reluctant individuals make the move.

Here at New Chapter we have witnessed the notable change in the number of individuals showing interest in a career change. We take pride in being able to help people with such a huge step.

Maybe you have just moved roles, perhaps you’ve been there a while? Regardless of time it is extremely important to ensure you regularly take a moment to look at your position and ensure it is right for you.

We are all aware time flies, and it can be very easy to just get comfortable letting each day at work pass by. For some, work can be too busy to even notice how you are feeling. This can become weeks, months and even years until you finally take a step back. Make sure to look at your career path and question if it is right for you.

So, this leads us to asking you to take a moment and think about your current job role and career…

Here are six questions you can ask your-self to understand and identify if it could be time to change jobs:

One of the biggest questions to consider is – am I paid enough for the work I do?

It is always important to review this and we are currently undertaking a salary survey to help you do so. By partaking in our salary survey you will receive a free download to help you understand what other people in the industry are earning. 

We have supported some of the best and brightest talent within the FMCG & Retail industry for over 16 years now. We love what we do and we understand changing your job can seem daunting. But if you are ready to put your feelers out on to the market, what’s the harm in trying?

We would love to have a chat with you about your career goals and the status of the market right now. Click below to arrange a call with one of our specialist Consultants today!

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