Five²™ – An Exclusive Approach to Recruitment

Five²™ - An Exclusive Approach To Recruitment

A New Chapter exclusive approach to retained recruitment. Providing clients with an unmatched service of dedicated search, personalisation, and results.

Why did we create the five²™ & Why do we recruit this way?

New Chapter uses a one-of-a-kind assignment service to help you succeed in acquiring new talent for your company. This strategy ensures that your recruitment process is a success. That the best candidate is recruited to the role, not just in relation to their experience, but also their cultural fit.

Proving true value for money our exclusive five²™ approach provides a great candidate experience and cuts down your hiring time.

We can ensure that we maximise your return on investment and minimise your risk. Also reduce the time you invest in the process by adopting a strategy to how we source, select, and evaluate prospects.

Who is five²™ for?

Simply put… anyone that wants to hire the best talent for their business! From start up to multinational this superior approach to recruitment works for everyone.

Internal recruitment departments within large businesses are frequently overburdened, especially those that are developing. Equally as a founder of your own business or the CEO of a startup the likelihood is you are very busy. It can be challenging to devote the time necessary to conduct competency-based interviews or taking the extra time to uncover hidden gems.

Sourcing applicants may be a lengthy and exhausting process. Especially given the fluctuating levels of UK employment, which only adds to the amount to filter through. And that’s before the interview process even starts.

An alternative recruitment approach can be through retained search where New Chapter and our five²™ process comes into play.

Why Retained Search?

By outsourcing the process from candidate engagement through to offer. The retained agreement allows one of our specialist recruiters to give all their time to your search.

Working this way frees your time up to focus on your job and increases the chances of success. It costs no more than working on contingency basis. All you have to do is turn up and interview a short-list of pre-screened candidates!

So what is five²™ ?

To ensure we identify the best talent in the entire marketplace (not just on a recruiters database) we use our proprietary five²™ process which contains 25 thorough steps.

We produce bespoke marketing materials – including candidate information packs and video job adverts that create a positive employer brand and help us engage with passive candidates.  We map the market to ensure we match and engage the best people for your role.

The candidates are then evaluated against your specific needs, and their strengths and flaws are presented to you.

What are the key stages of five²™?

What benefits could five²™ bring to your business?

Our proprietary Five²™ approach to recruitment you the reassurance of knowing that we have done everything possible to deliver the very best the industry has to offer…

Does five²™ really work?

It’s proven that our specialised recruitment approach leads to more successful hires:

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What do people say about five²™?


We love nothing more than making a positive impact on peoples lives and providing the highest quality service to each and every one of our clients. If you would like to learn more about or unique five²™ process and how we can use it to help you find the best candidates get in touch today.

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