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  • Importance of Gut Health: Deeply Foods

    Importance of Gut Health: Deeply Foods

    In a world where the importance of gut health has captured the attention of many, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Clara Latham, Co-Founder and Joint MD, Deeply Foods. Clara shares insights into the inspiration behind Deeply, the challenges she has encountered, and her career journey up until this point.

    About Clara:

    Clara’s professional background has seen her build brands which have both developed and lead in their individual categories. 


    She began her career working for healthy snacking brand Bounce, where for 7 years she worked across various sales and marketing roles; her achievements spanned winning and growing the health & specialist retail landscape, to being the brands spokesperson across PR and all major trade events and finally developing and overseeing the export strategy for the brand, in an International Key Account Manager position. Working closely with Bounce MD, they led the smart-snacking category to become the number 1 energy ball, with a Bounce protein ball now sold every 1.9 seconds globally. 


    Clara was subsequently appointed as Head of Sales at Seedlip, during which time she worked closely alongside founder, Ben Branson, to establish and develop the no & low spirits category. As Sales Director, she oversaw a 15-strong commercial department, and supported the business in gaining 7000+ distribution points globally, Seedlip emerged as the undisputed category leader, before being sold in just 4.5 years to alcohol drinks giant Diageo, in a successful majority deal acquisition. 


    Clara was shortly after head-hunted to lead the launch of Delevingne Sisters’ wine brand, Della Vite, in the role of GM. She lead the brands growth successfully through Covid, launching in the UK and US, before parting ways to focus full time on her Founder & MD role for Deeply. 

    Clara Latham

    Co-Founder & Joint MD, Deeply Foods

    Interview with Clara

    Clara, could you please provide a brief introduction about yourself to begin?

    I’m a passionate foodie, born and bred Londoner, an extrovert – and have been working in the world of food & drink start-ups my whole career which now spans sixteen years. I live with my wonderful husband Ben and care deeply about my family & friends.

    Deeply Foods is your own start-up, which is very exciting! When did you launch the company, and could you tell us more about what it specialises in?

    Deeply has been on the market for only a couple of months (we launched in September 2023) but I’ve been working on the development of the business and brand idea for over two years with my fellow founding team members.

    After discovering just how impactful a thriving gut microbiome can be on our overall health, I was inspired to research and find out what it takes to truly build and maintain a healthy gut. The latest science now proves that consuming 30g of fibre per day is key and plays a fundamental role, yet in the UK alone, only 10% of us are managing to reach the daily goal.

    At Deeply, we’re passionate about helping people bridge their fibre gap so we developed a range of powerful prebiotic fibre blends, which can be enjoyed as part of a repeatable morning ritual, a simple morning dose.  Our recipes are proven to directly tackle many of the most common gut health issues (bloating, constipation, digestive discomfort) with a growing number of consumers now feeling the benefits and converting to the power of prebiotics.

    What inspired you to start Deeply Foods? What’s the story behind its inception?

    Having worked at several really interesting and innovative start-up businesses, I love the fast-paced & entrepreneurial environment. Work has never really felt like ‘just a job’ to me, in fact, I’d go as far as to say my career has likely moulded a part of my personality. Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic founders and gained a lot of experience and insight into what it takes to build a successful business.

    The key was succeeding in developing a product & brand within a space that truly resonated with me. Given I’m always trying to optimise my health I knew I wanted to launch a brand within the health and wellness space. The positive impact I believe Deeply can have on people’s lives excites me hugely.

    Your business partner is Mark Tanous…how did you meet him and how did you know he was the right person for you to join forces with?

    I met Mark years ago when he was MD at Bounce Energy Balls which was the first company that I ever worked at. For seven years I benefited from his great leadership and mentorship and experienced first-hand many of the business attributes I deem as important for the effective running of a company. We share a lot of the same values when it comes to building brands & teams. We reconnected several years later, both keen to start building something for ourselves from scratch, and the stars aligned for us to co-found a business together. Mark is incredibly hard working, very passionate about health, but most importantly he is someone that I can trust, which is a key attribute when looking for a co-founder.

    Can you share some success stories/milestones Deeply has achieved so far?

    It is still very early days, but I am incredibly proud and happy with the brand we have launched. The recipe, its proven efficiency as well as the name Deeply. I love that it’s packaged in innovative aluminium which is a key differentiator.

    We’re already seeing lots of consumers subscribing to Deeply, which is a key part of our strategy – getting people to invest in a daily gut health routine. We’re also well on our way to better understanding who our target consumer (and shopper) is, which is a fundamentally important thing to define.

    I’m also proud to see us winning significant shelf space in retail within the gut health fixture as the leading and only prebiotic brand. Deeply challenges the status quo within the category and it’s lovely to be able to see that in front of my eyes after years of it living only on a slide or within a strategy deck!

    What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in getting the company off the ground?

    Lots of the usual start-up mayhem including supply-chain delays that pushed our launch back. We’re also faced with the everyday challenge of choosing what we must prioritise, as we’re currently only a small team. I do however believe that it’s mastering these challenges with the right level of resilience that will help us to differentiate & ultimately win over other companies. The other interesting challenge which is specifically relevant to this space is that no two people’s gut microbes are the same, which means Deeply can benefit people in entirely different ways. It’s a fun puzzle to put together, but it does add some complexity!

    What does success for Deeply look like for you long term?

    We want to be the leading household, premium prebiotic gut health brand, by 2030. We hope to be recognised for being a true leader in the gut health category, that is recognised for the genuine positive impact we have had on people’s lives and their health. I believe that prebiotics and fibre are a fundamental driver of that, and we hope to achieve enough commercial impact to make a notable difference.

    Which has been the role that’s had the most significant impact on your development or career and why?

    A tricky question to answer as every role has been hugely beneficial. Before starting Deeply, I have worked at three fantastic companies.  Seven years at Bounce, over four years at Seedlip and almost three years at Della Vite. At Seedlip I was employee 2, hired as Head of Sales and grew with the company from shortly after launch until post-acquisition to Diageo. The role gave me so much exposure to launching, growing, scaling, and selling a brand and we did it in four and a half years. It was undoubtedly a start-up success story and the experience I gained from being part of the leadership team that created a category, responsible for developing the commercial strategy and growing my team was hugely valuable. People often refer to a step in their career as being a transformational phase, so I would have to say that that was my time at Seedlip.

    Could you share a memorable success story or experience involving a candidate you have hired into one of your teams? What made them stand out or contribute to the company's success?

    There are a range of people I’ve hired along the way and a good segment are from New Chapter. Sam Gummer was a New Chapter candidate, and he was my third hire into the sales team at Seedlip. Before being at Seedlip, he worked as an estate agent selling properties in Knightsbridge. He walked up to his interview, suited and booted, and pitched that he was passionate about moving into the food and drinks industry. He had no real industry-relevant experience, but he was super hungry, incredibly polite, and very ambitious. I felt that although he was a bit of a wild card, he was showing all the right attributes that we looked for and the right kind of behaviour and culture fit, so I went for it and offered him the job.

    As Seedlip began to scale into the national retailer landscape, listing with the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, Sam was responsible for defending the Speciality channel and through a very focused strategy managed to maintain channel growth, which was against the odds. He executed it fantastically. Now he’s the Sales Director at Longbottom! What an amazing progression story. One of the many Seedlip alumni.

    You mentioned that this time felt different when making hires for Deeply Foods. What were the unique aspects of this experience, and what challenges did you encounter?

    Fundamentally, everything is just put under a microscope when it’s your own business. I care a lot, and it’s just a unique and challenging experience. When you’re hiring at the start of the journey, the first people set the tone for the culture and performance expectations. You need doers, but also expertise which can sometimes be a challenge on start-up budgets. I have always viewed the budget as if it were my own, but in this case, it really is my own, it’s our livelihood. It’s a challenge but it’s exciting!

    What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs or individuals interested in starting their own business?

    Linking to my previous point I think the biggest thing I have learnt so far, is that the highs are higher, and the lows are lower. It is more extreme, and my advice is to have the right support system around you. Whether that’s family, your partner, your friends, or mentors – people that you can bounce ideas off and trust. And also, always try to remember, you are still your own person, and your professional role however personal it can feel at times, shouldn’t define you.  

    Take a look at Deeply Foods below and explore the benefits prebiotics can have on your health.

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  • New Chapter: Your FMCG Recruitment Specialists

    New Chapter: Your FMCG Recruitment Specialists

    In the ever-evolving world of FMCG, finding the right talent is crucial for success. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for a career change or a company in need of skilled individuals, New Chapter Consulting is your trusted partner in the FMCG and Retail recruitment landscape. With over 19 years of experience, we’ve established ourselves as the leading FMCG recruitment agency in the UK. We have recruitment specialists focused on key sectors in the FMCG and Retail sector.

    Our Specialised Sectors:

    • Food Recruitment
    • FMCG Recruitment
    • Retail Recruitment
    • Electronics Recruitment
    • Interior Design Recruitment
    • Luxury Brands Recruitment
    • Personal Care Recruitment
    • Fragrance Recruitment

    Our Areas of Expertise:

    New Chapter Consulting covers a broad spectrum of roles within these specialised sectors, including:

    Marketing: Whether you’re looking for a Head of Category, an E-commerce Manager or a PR Manager, our community covers all areas of FMCG marketing professionals ready to boost your brand’s visibility.

    Sales: Sales professionals are the driving force behind revenue growth. We have a community of incredible talent from Head of Sales through to Sales Executives. We connect businesses with salespeople who can build strong client relationships and drive sales targets.

    HR: Human Resources is the backbone of any organisation. Our talented pool of HR specialists can handle your workforce needs efficiently.

    Engineering: Whether you’re looking for a Head of Engineering, or an Operations Manager, our engineers are experienced and ready to take on a role within your FMCG business.

    Operations and NPD (New Product Development): Efficiency and innovation are key to success. Our community of candidates in operations and NPD help businesses optimise processes and develop new products to stay competitive.

    Some of the FMCG clients we recruit for include:

    Why Choose New Chapter Consulting?

    With over 19 years of experience, we’ve built a global network of talented professionals and have successfully matched them with businesses from around the world. We take pride in our personalised approach to recruitment, ensuring that every candidate and client receives the attention and care they deserve.

    Whether you’re on the hunt for your dream job or seeking the perfect candidate to fill a role, New Chapter Consulting is here to guide you through the next chapter of your career or business journey.

    Contact us today.

    employees new chapter

    Our 2023 FMCG Salary Survey

    We recently launched our 2023 FMCG Salary Survey. Offering a competitive salary and benefits package aligned with industry standards is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent in the fast-paced FMCG industry. A good salary and benefits package not only attracts candidates but also motivates and engages employees, leading to higher performance and success. Our comprehensive data and insights provide accurate benchmarks for salary negotiations and talent acquisition strategies. 

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  • Recruitment: Chasing Brands to Cultivating Relationships

    Shifting Priorities: Chasing Brands to Cultivating Relationships

    When I joined New Chapter Consulting Ltd and entered the world of FMCG and consumer recruitment, 12 years ago, my goal was to work with the LEGO Group. I loved Lego growing up and more recently, it’s often questioned who’s having the most fun when I’m playing Lego with my twin boys. From a business perspective, I have admired the Lego turnaround, adapting, and evolving from near bankruptcy to toy industry legend. These are what fuelled my passion to recruit for the iconic Danish brand.

    Back then, I judged my success as a recruiter by the brands I partnered with and how deeply I connected with their products as a consumer. I was fortunate to fulfill my dream early on by collaborating with Lego, a company where both their people and products were a source of inspiration. Fast forward ten years, and I’ve come to realise, that what fulfills me in recruitment isn’t solely about working with ‘sexy’ brands; it’s about the individuals I work with and the relationships I nurture with candidates and clients. 

    What truly makes recruitment enjoyable for me is the people themselves, those individuals I choose to work with, and how bought into them I am as a person and as a leader. They are the lifeblood of any company, instrumental in shaping its culture, driving its success, and ensuring long-term sustainable growth. It’s not just about the product, although it’s beneficial when both the product and people align.

    So, here’s why centering your recruitment career on finding people you genuinely want to work with, rather than exclusively chasing brands, makes the role fulfilling:

    At the heart of every successful brand is a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about the company’s mission and values. The people you hire influence your brand’s reputation, customer relationships, and overall performance. Their expertise, attitudes, and work ethic are pivotal in steering the brand toward success and leaving a lasting mark in the market. While an exceptional product can take you a certain distance, it’s essential to place your trust in the right people. If you believe in the individuals you’re hiring for, you’re investing in your candidate’s future with their team.

    A thriving company culture is built on the collective values, behaviours, and attitudes of its employees. With the right hires, both candidates and managers can make a positive contribution to the company’s culture, fostering creativity, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. Conversely, poor cultural fit can disrupt harmony within the workplace. My goal is to place candidates into great cultures, recognising that it’s down to the people, not a company handbook. Finding the right people for a business allows me to shape and reinforce a culture that aligns with an organisation’s core values. It starts with having the right hiring managers and leaders in place. 

    When you have a strong manager in place, they are more likely to make informed and strategic decisions for the business. Therefore, this gives the candidate you place a clear direction on what they need to deliver to be successful in their role and make an overall positive impact on the company’s future. 

    I’m motivated to deliver great results when I buy into a hiring manager, and I like them. You want to do a good job for people you like and trust. It’s that simple!

    As a recruiter finding the right client is more important than finding a client. These days, I’m assessing if I want to work in partnership with a person, not a brand. What brings me satisfaction is knowing that I’ve successfully matched someone with an opportunity and a hiring manager that perfectly aligns with their skills, aspirations, and values.

    If you’ve made it to the end of this article and need support as a candidate or client within FMCG and consumer then please get in touch. However, be ready; I’m assessing you as an individual, not just the brand you work for 😉  

    To make an enquiry call: 07568107992 or email:

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  • FMCG B-Corp Brand Spotlight

    FMCG B-Corp Brand Spotlight

    As the calendar flips to September, we celebrate a month dedicated to organic products and sustainable living. It’s the perfect time to highlight B-Corp companies’ commitment to benefiting the environment. B-Corps, or Benefit Corporations, are businesses that meet high social and environmental performance standards, transparency, and accountability.

    In this blog, we’ll delve into what B-Corps are and how they benefit the environment and show you our top FMCG B-Corp brands. As an FMCG recruitment agency, we specialise in working with FMCG brands to find the best talent, including many sustainable companies.

    Understanding B-Corp

    B-Corps prioritise social and environmental responsibility alongside profitability. These businesses undergo an assessment to prove their commitment. The Business Impact Assessment evaluates company performance across the five key areas of:


    Only businesses with high scores can earn B-Corp certification, demonstrating their dedication to sustainability and the environment.


    B-Corps and the Environment

    One of the standout areas where B-Corps excel is their environmental sustainability. Here’s how they make a positive impact on the environment: by reducing carbon footprints, practicing sustainable sourcing, minimising waste, engaging in conservation and restoration efforts, and maintaining transparency.

    Why B-Corps Matter in Organic September

    Organic September is a time to reflect on our choices as consumers and the environmental impact of our purchases. B-Corp companies align with the values of Organic September in several ways: by offering organic products, practicing ethical sourcing, and supporting local communities.

    Our Top B-Corp FMCG picks.

    B-Corp companies are at the forefront of sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices. As consumers, we can make a difference by choosing to support B-Corps and their products.

    As an FMCG recruitment agency we work with lots of companies who prioritise sustainability, so if you’re looking for a new role please get in touch; contact us on to find out about our clients current opportunities.

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  • Sustainable Beauty is Leading the Way

    Sustainable Beauty is Leading the Way

    It’s Plastic-Free July and plastic pollution is now a major global concern. As we work towards building a more sustainable future and prioritise our oceans, wildlife, and ecosystems, it is the ideal time to explore eco-friendly alternatives in every aspect of our lives.

    In this blog, we have put together a list of beauty and personal care brands that are leading the movement towards a sustainable future.

    Ethique pioneers the zero-waste beauty industry, renowned for their range of solid beauty bars, including face cleaners and shampoos. These bars are made from compostable and biodegradable materials, effectively eliminating the need for plastic bottles. They go beyond just beauty bars, offering plastic-free lip balms and other beauty products.

    Wild has made waves in the beauty world with their innovative approach to sustainable deodorant. Their solution to the issue of single-use plastic comes in the form of aluminium cases that can be refilled again and again.

    With a wide range of scents, and all-natural formulas, Wild deodorants allow you to buy sustainably, without compromising efficiency or style. Additionally, their convenient recurring payment/delivery plans ensure that you never have to worry about running out of your favourite deodorant.

    FLUUS is another brand leading in the change toward a sustainable future. With a commitment to using recycled materials, minimising packaging, and designing energy-efficient products.

    Their technology ensures their pads break down when flushed, making every component, including the wrapper, sustainable. Remarkably, despite the fact they are flushable, they are also 15% more absorbent than the category leader. FLUUS also conveniently offer a monthly plan, allowing them to be delivered to your door each month.

    Kjaer Weis, a renowned beauty brand, has a commitment to reducing waste. They have introduced a refillable packaging system for their products, featuring a sleek metal design. With this sustainable approach, customers can actively reduce their environmental impact while enjoying the indulgence of luxury beauty.

    Kjaer Weis has set the standard, demonstrating that luxury and sustainability can co-exist in the beauty industry.

    Finally, the bamboo safety razor by Acala is a game-changer for sustainable shaving. It offers an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic razors, with a sleek design and high-quality stainless-steel blade.

    As the blade dulls overtime it can easily be replaced, allowing this razor to be an effective solution to embrace sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment.

    The beauty and personal care industry is changing, with a multitude of brands embracing sustainable alternatives. These forward-thinking brands are setting a new standard as we venture into an environmentally conscious future. Let’s inspire others to join the plastic-free movement this July.

    What opportunities do you have available in the Beauty industry?

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  • World Refill Day: FMCG Sustainability

    World Refill Day: FMCG Sustainability

    Today is World Refill Day, a significant global initiative aimed at raising awareness about the environmental impact of single-use plastic. As consumers, our awareness of our ecological footprint is growing, and fortunately, many companies have also recognised the significance of the situation and have started adopting environmentally conscious practices. In this blog, we will explore various FMCG companies that have taken proactive steps to reduce plastic waste or have become plastic-free altogether.

    For a considerable time, the FMCG Industry has heavily relied on single-use plastic packaging, such as water bottles and food containers. This is taking a toll on our environment, leading to severe consequences. World Refill Day encourages companies to address this issue and seek sustainable alternatives.

    The Body Shop is known for their commitment to sustainability. As part of their ongoing efforts, they have introduced a refill scheme for selected products, enabling customers to return their empty containers and have them refilled. This is not only promoting sustainable consumption in the beauty industry, which is typically known for single use waste, but also promotes a circular economy where resources are continually reused. By creating this refill scheme, the body shop encourages a responsible approach to product use.

    CanO Water, a UK company at the forefront of driving a positive change in the drinks industry and combating plastic waste. They have introduced a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic water bottles by making their products in aluminium cans. Unlike single-use plastic bottles, these cans can be easily recycled and repurposed.

    They are committed to sustainability and also support initiatives involving cleaning and preserving our oceans.

    Lush, a renowned cosmetics brand, is known for their sustainability with homemade and environmentally friendly products. They have nailed the use of packaging-free alternatives with innovative items like shampoo bars and solid shower gels.

    All their products come in reusable containers and are aimed at reducing plastic waste, therefore promoting sustainable consumption.

    Sainsbury’s and Co-op have become the first UK retailers to stock ‘The Hidden Sea’ and lend their support to its mission. For every bottle of wine they sell, they remove and recycle 10 plastic bottles from oceans and rivers. Their goal is to remove and recycle 1 billion single-use plastic bottles from the ocean by 2030.

    The glass wine bottles they use are also recyclable, their labels are laser-printed using water-based inks, and even their cartons are 100% recyclable.

    Bottle Up is yet another company making a change to the single-use water bottle industry. They have created a bottle that is entirely recyclable, made from renewable sugar cane plastic.

    These bottles can be reused again and again and come in a variety of snappy colours with stylish designs. They also prioritise sourcing their water from local areas to reduce transport and CO2.

    Flexi-Hex is a company driven by a mission to provide sustainable and innovative packaging solutions. It’s a honeycomb paper design that is designed to protect products and the planet, encouraging brands to turn toward recyclable and sustainable packaging for their products. They are paving the way for a sustainable future for the FMCG industry.

    By making these choices as consumers, such as opting for refillable products and supporting companies committed to reducing waste, we have the power to raise awareness and encourage other brands to follow suit. Hopefully this collective effort will lead to a more environmentally conscious change in the FMCG industry as a whole and drive for a positive change and greener future.

    What opportunities do you have available in the FMCG industry?

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  • One to Watch This Summer: AKER

    One to Watch This Summer: AKER.

    AKER has been created in collaboration with Chapel Down, England’s leading wine producer, and Capreolus Distillery, a non-conformist spirits distiller. It is a wine-based modern English Aperitif that showcases the very best of what the land has to offer. Through its meticulous blend of locally sourced ingredients and an innovative distillation process, AKER has distilled acres of the English countryside into a single drop.

    AKER English Rosé

    At the heart of AKER lies their English rosé, crafted with Pinot Noir rosé wine sourced from one of Chapel Down’s finest Kent vineyards. This is then combined with wild-fermented eau de vie made from fresh raspberries in the Cotswolds. The result is a perfect aperitif, best enjoyed with soda or a light tonic, and a garnish of strawberries and fresh mint.


    AKER English Rosé, 75cl

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  • Top Brands Helping to Combat Food Waste

    National Stop Food Waste Day

    Food waste is a major problem in the UK, with an estimated 9.5 million tonnes of food being thrown away each year. It’s crazy to think that around a third of the food produced on Earth goes to waste — either it gets thrown away or goes bad!

    Today is National Food Waste Day and we have compiled a list of brands that are doing their part to help tackle this issue.

    Too Good To Go is an app that was launched in 2016. The app connects customers with restaurants and supermarkets, who have surplus food at the end of the day. It helps businesses make extra sales, turning that wastage into leftover produce. This app helps stop food wastage and helps consumers save money too, on cheaper meals. 

    Rubies in the Rubble are a condiment brand that uses ingredients that would otherwise go to waste – not because they taste any different, but often because they’re the wrong shape, size or colour. 

    Their ketchups and relishes are made with fresh fruit & veg, directly from farms. As well as their mayo being made with aquafaba, which is a plant-based alternative to eggs.

    Larger companies are also making efforts to reduce their environmental impact, with Tesco committing to reducing food waste by 50% by 2023. They have implemented initiatives such as selling ‘wonky’ produce at discounted prices and donating their surplus to local food charities.

    So far Tesco has reduced overall food waste in their operations by 45% since 2016/17. Just 0.35% of the food handled across the Group in 2021/22 ended up as waste.

    Of course organisations such as food banks also play a critical role in reducing wastage and helping those in need. The largest food bank network in the UK is The Trussell Trust.

    They provide emergency food and support to people in crisis. In addition to distributing food to those in need, the organization also works to reduce food waste by partnering with local businesses to collect surplus food and redistribute it to those who need it most.

    What opportunities do you have available in the FMCG industry?

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  • five²™ The best way to attract talent...

    five²™ The Best Way to Attract Talent and Guarantee Long Term Success

    To achieve success when recruiting new talent into your business New Chapter adopts a unique assignment service. This approach guarantees success in your recruitment process, and will ensure your investment is long-term.

    “The difference came when we met their candidates, all of whom were exceptional. New Chapter seem to have search methods that draw perfect candidates to your vacancies even if they weren’t previously looking for a new job.”

    New Chapter lead the industry through our assignment services approach to recruitment; known as five²™. Our proprietary five²™ process demonstrates real value for money, delivers an exceptional candidate experience and minimises your time spent on hiring.

    Five² contains 25 steps to ensure we identify the best talent in the marketplace, not just on a recruiter’s database. We produce bespoke marketing materials – including candidate information packs and video job adverts that create a positive employer brand and help us engage with passive candidates.  We map the market to ensure we match and engage the best people for your role.

    We then assess the candidates against your specific requirements and feed back to you their strengths and weaknesses. All you have to do is turn up and interview our shortlist and decide who is the best fit for you.

    Its proven that this approach leads to more successful hires.  After 2 years, 87% of the candidates we have placed with our clients are still in post. Over 50% of those have been promoted to higher positions.

    So, does the idea of working in a highly successful way for no extra cost appeal to you?

    If so, contact us and we will be in touch shortly.

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