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Consultant: Rachael Carver (Head of Consumer FMCG)

Specialism: Sales, Marketing, Digital and E-com within FMCG and Consumer Goods

Let’s Chat: How to attract the top talent into your business.

Are you a hiring manager looking to attract top talent into your team?

If so, I’m sure you will know by now how competitive the market for talent in FMCG is right now.
Doing a few things right can significantly increase your chances of hiring your dream candidate.

My top 4 tips:

1. Move Quickly!

Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes…If a process takes too long it’s easy to disengage or start to wonder how committed the company is to you. Candidates are often in multiple processes too, so clients that provide prompt feedback and move quickly between interviews and to offer give themselves the greatest chance of securing the best candidate.

2. Give the candidates a chance to meet the team

Moving jobs is a big step and often you’re engaging with candidates that aren’t actively looking for a new role. A candidate once said to me that you’re making one of the biggest decisions of your life based on spending a few hours in total interviewing with your prospective employer. Giving FMCG candidates a chance to meet with the team and getting to know them can increase engagement and make sure that there’s a strong cultural fit on both sides. Often candidates only meet with managers and directors but meeting their peers too is what will help them get to know the company on a greater level and know more about their day to day.

3. Go in with the right offer!

You can easily lose candidates with a low ball offer. Would you want to join a company that is undervaluing you from the off? If you consider how hard it is to find a candidate that has the right experience, values and cultural fit then losing them due to under offering is a risky game to play. The cost of not having someone in your team is often greater than the money you’re trying to save.

4. Don’t assume that everyone wants to work for you

It’s easy to think that there’s no better opportunity than yours but remember, you know the benefits of working for your company because you’ve lived it! It’s hard to convey that to a potential candidate and it’s an increasing competitive landscape with brands innovating more and offering extra employee perks and flexibility.

I’ve chosen these four points as they are all easy to implement. They don’t require a brand rehaul or review of your company benefits packages etc.

It’s 4 simple steps within the recruitment process that can increase your success rate when hiring.

I hope it helps!

Rachael Carver (Head of Consumer)

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