Guide to Competency Based Interviews

Guide to Competency Based Interviews

Competency based interviews (also known as behavioural interviews) are based on the idea that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour. 

The interviewer will want specific examples of when and how you demonstrated particular behaviours. Prior to interview each position is assessed for the skills/competencies and characteristics that relate to job success. Interview questions are then developed to probe into these areas.

In this guide you can explore the different types of competency interviews, learn essential preparation strategies, discover top tips, and gain access to a selection of example questions. To learn more download our guide below.

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Competency based interviews

The word competency is widely used in business and personnel psychology. It refers to the behaviours that are necessary to achieve the objectives of an organisation. Every job can be described in terms of key competencies. This means that they can be used for all forms of assessment, including appraisals, training needs analysis and of course, selection. 

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