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  • Why Employer Branding is Crucial in FMCG...

    Why Employer Branding is Crucial in FMCG Recruitment

    In today’s competitive job market, where top talent is scarce, employer branding has never been more critical. The ability to attract and retain skilled candidates can be the difference between business success and stagnation. Today we delve into why employer branding is so important in FMCG recruitment and how we help your brand to stand out when hiring new talent.

    Importance of Employer Branding

    Employer branding is essentially your reputation with potential and current employees – how do they view you. A strong brand naturally attracts top talent, leading to reductions in hiring costs, enhanced engagement, and improved retention rates. Achieving this has two key steps: knowing your business and being consistent.

    Company Culture

    Understanding what makes your company unique, whether it’s the culture or a unique selling point like sustainability, helps you communicate this effectively and reach the right candidates. Similarly, being aware of your core mission and values means candidates who resonate with this are attracted to your company.  Whilst highlighting growth opportunities and progression paths shows potential employees that you’re invested in their future.

    Consistent Messaging

    Knowing your company’s strengths is important, but if these messages aren’t relayed consistently, potential employees may never learn what you have to offer. This is where we come in with our 5-squared approach to FMCG recruitment. Our unique method ensures that your brand is always portrayed consistently, helping you stand out.

    Our 5-Squared Approach in FMCG Recruitment

    New Chapter’s proprietary Five²™ approach to recruitment demonstrates real value for money, delivers an exceptional candidate experience and gives you the reassurance of knowing that we have done everything possible to deliver the very best the industry has to offer.

    Part of our 5-squared process is our candidate information packs. These are designed entirely in your branding and include information about your history, mission, values, products, job description, benefits, interview process, and more. Not only do these documents help you stand out from other FMCG companies, but many of our candidates comment on how refreshing it is to see a business taking recruitment seriously. They appreciate having clear information on the opportunity.

    Remember, FMCG recruitment agencies act as an extension of your brand. We are here to put you in a great light to attract candidates. With our 5-squared method, we ensure our interactions with candidates mirror your company’s values and culture. Consistent representation is key – from the first point of contact to the final interview, we maintain and consistent and professional representation. Building relationships with candidates also reflects positively on your company.

    We ensure your employer branding reaches every candidate we speak to.

    If you would like to learn more about how we do FMCG recruitment differently at New Chapter, please contact us below. We would love to hear from you. Employee branding isn’t just a strategy; it’s a necessity in this market.

    Get in touch for a chat with our specialist FMCG recruiters below.

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  • Mental Health: The Impact of Starting a...

    Mental Health: The Impact of Starting a New Job

    Starting a new job is an exciting chapter in your FMCG career journey, representing growth and learning. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the potential impact on your mental health. Adjusting to new routines and building relationships with colleagues, can trigger a range of emotions and challenges.

    In this blog, we’ll delve into strategies to support your mental well-being, with insights from recent studies.

    The Excitement and Anxiety Blend

    Based on a study featured in Forbes, starting a new job can bring a range of emotions, both excitement and anxiety. The research revealed that 87% admitted to having new job jitters, leading to 59% of people losing sleep over this. This mix of emotions is natural and underscores the importance of acknowledging and managing the transition effectively.

    Navigating the Learning Curve

    Statistics show that the learning curve associated with a new job can be daunting for many. In fact, research indicates that 56% of new hires feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to learn when starting a new role. Therefore, taking time to familiarise yourself and get comfortable in the role may take a while, so be patient with yourself.

    Building Relationships

    Building relationships with colleagues is a crucial aspect of integrating into a new workplace. Studies have shown that having a strong support network at work can significantly impact job satisfaction and overall well-being.  You should invest time and effort into meeting and connecting with your coworkers, not just in your team but across the business as a whole.

    Manage Expectations

    Setting realistic expectations and boundaries is essential for maintaining balance and preventing burnout when starting a new job. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, 32% of employees experience chronic work stress, which can lead to serious health issues if left unchecked. By prioritising self-care and communicating, you can establish healthy boundaries and reduce the risk of burnout.

    Prioritising Self-Care

    Prioritising self-care is crucial for maintaining mental health, especially during big life changes. Studies indicate that engaging in regular self-care activities such as exercise, meditation, and spending time with loved ones can reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Incorporate these practices into your daily routine to navigate the challenges of starting a new job more effectively.

    Seeking Support

    If you find yourself struggling with the challenges of starting a new job, it’s important to remember that support is available. Many organisations offer resources such as employee assistance programs or counselling services to support their employees’ mental health needs. Additionally, reaching out to friends, family members, or mental health professionals can provide support.

    Embracing the Journey

    Starting a new job in FMCG is a journey filled with opportunities for growth and development. By acknowledging the potential challenges and prioritising your mental well-being, you can navigate the transition successfully and thrive in your new role.

    Remember, be patient with yourself, create meaningful connections with your colleagues, and prioritise self-care during this exciting chapter of your career journey.

    If you’re currently in the position of finding a new role, our specialist team of FMCG recruiters can help you discover your dream job. As an FMCG recruitment company, we work alongside many brands in the consumer industry. If you’re looking for your next opportunity, contact us to discuss further.

    Check out our website to search our live job vacancies now!


    Get in touch for a chat with our specialist FMCG recruiters so we can learn about you and understand what you want out of your career.
    ☎️ 0845 200 741

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  • Fine Wine Recruitment | Meet Faye

    Fine Wine Recruitment | Meet Faye

    We interviewed our very own Specialist Fine Wine Recruiter, Faye Rillstone. Hear her industry insights and her career journey into the wine recruitment market in our blog below. 

    Tell us about you!

    I’m a massive Theatre & Art geek! I try to catch a show as often as I can when I am in London.  

    I just fell into recruitment. When I was a candidate looking for work, dealing with recruiters always felt like a scene off ‘Wolf of Wall Street’… Then I decided to move to the UK, met a specialist recruiter who really changed my opinion. He recommended ‘New Chapter Consulting’, and I was sold. I packed up my life, moved to England, became a Fine Wine Recruiter, and haven’t looked back!

    What do you find interesting about recruiting in the Wine industry?

    People in the wine industry are super passionate. It made me want to learn as much as possible about this market. I remember my first client meeting in the UK vividly – I was so nervous. To give you some context, I didn’t even know what ‘Majestic’ was because we don’t have that in New Zealand. Terms like broker, merchant, importer, and the difference between 1st and 2nd growths, or primary and secondary purchasing were foreign to m. The industry practically schooled me, and it’s the people that make it so interesting.

    What skillset do you recruit for in the Wine industry?

    I work on a bit of everything, but mostly focus on wine recruitment in sales, buying & marketing positions, combining various different business models. I really enjoy recruiting for companies that offer Fine Wine as an asset class as their central service. That aspect of the wine industry is really fun to recruit for.       

    Wine Recruitment

    Has there been any recent changes in the Wine industry that has impacted your clients?

    Cool…so the UK market is on the mend. There’s more emphasis on this being a buyers market currently. Liv-ex has shown positive returns compared to the last 13 months. The Asian economy is still quiet, but more people are back to buying, purchasing in volume, and bidding hard. The US auction market seem to be flying, and while there are trade enquiries in the EU, they haven’t yet translated into performance. However, the market still maintains a surplus. People are listing and willing to accept aggressive stock. There’s anticipation that things will turn around in Q3 or Q4 for investment, so the wine market outlook is looking more positive for this year compared to last.  

    Has there been a recent change in the type of candidate your clients are looking for?

    I am seeing more sales than anything else at the moment. Start-up companies abroad are eager to develop competency for sourcing in the EU, so there’s early discussions around the mechanics on how to implement that into existing frameworks and what types of profiles we should explore. Expanding producer portfolios has motivated new market penetration across the trade, including nationals, so there’s a demand for the right experience as well.  

    Wine Recruiter

    Where do you see the future of the wine industry going?

    Watch out for new up-and-coming brands about to disrupt the scene, potentially some new mergers, and senior appointments. There’s a more positive turn of events for investment. Ambitious growth plans already pipelined for 2030 have kicked into action now, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Bordeaux En Prim shapes up this time.

    What is your favourite thing about working in recruitment?

    Working within a niche market has given me the license to put all my energy into this industry! I just want to learn everything about wine recruitment…  who is who, business models, the product, the people, the producers, the market, future plans, the challenges. The more I know, the more I realise I don’t know, which makes this all the more interesting. Nothing is certain; the impact you can have on a person or business is simply the best. Being a middleman backstage is fun!  

    If you work within the Fine Wine industry and are looking for a speciliast in wine recruiter, Faye would love to have a chat with you. Whether you’re looking to expand your team or seeking a new role, browse our vacancies below or request a call with us.
    We can’t to hear from you!

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  • Essential Accessories for Your Desk

    Essential Accessories for Your Desk

    Feeling uninspired by your workspace lately? Tired of the same dull desk?

    Whether you’re stationed at home or in a traditional office, it’s time for a refresh. From sleek stationery to mini vaccums, we’ve curated a collection of must-have items to elevate your desk and enhance productivity. 

    So here are some office supplies you need to liven up your workspace:

    1. USB Desk Fan

    Keep yourself cool and refreshed during those long working days with a desk fan. If you just need some extra airflow or you’re battling the summer heat (I know that feels like distant memory!), a mini desk fan is both practical and fun, especially when you can conveniently charge it by plugging it into your laptop.

    £7.99 from Beldray

    2. Adjustable Standing Desk

    These desks allow you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. This promotes improved posture and helps reduce health risks linked to prolonged sitting. Additionally, consider getting a walking pad to stay active whilst you work.

    From £200 at Flexispot

    3. Desk Organisation

    Keep your desk neat and tidy with a stylish organiser. See various options, from pen holders to cable management solutions, to declutter your workspace and keep yourself organised. Consider upgrading to a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to declutter those wires.

    Search a variety at Papier

    4. Smart Desk Lamp

    Brighten up your workspace with a smart desk lamp featuring adjustable brightness and colours. Some models even include built-in USB ports for charging your devices, making them both functional and stylish.

    £9.99 at AuraGlow

    5. Desk Accessories

    Add a personal touch to your workspace with custom accessories such as photos and motivational quotes. Consider adding a variety of plants too which contribute to stress reduction, and add personality to your desk.

    Browse at River and Coast

    6. USB Desk Vacuum

    Maintain a clean and organised workspace with a USB desk vacuum. This handy gadget allows you to quickly and easily clean up crumbs and dust from your desk, ensuring a clutter-free and hygienic space.

    £10 from Menkind

    These office items will add a dash of personality and creativity to your workspace whilst relieving stress, boosting productivity, or simply making work more enjoyable. As an FMCG recruitment company, we work alongside many brands in the consumer industry. If you’re looking for your next opportunity, contact us to discuss further.

    If you’re not only looking for new desk accessories but also exploring new FMCG career opportunities, we might have just the right role for you!

    Check out our website to search our live job vacancies now!


    Get in touch for a chat with otu specialist FMCG recruiters so we can learn about you and understand what you want out of your career.
    ☎️ 0845 200 741

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  • How To: Change Industry within FMCG

    How To: Change Industry within FMCG

    Are you planning to switch industries such as moving from the drinks industry to the beauty sector? Whatever your motivation, changing industries can be an exciting yet prove harder than you think. However, you can successfully navigate this transition and thrive in your new market.

    We have put together our top tips to help you make a smooth transition:


    Before diving headfirst into a new industry, take the time to reflect on your skills, interests, and long-term career goals. Evaluate how your current skill set aligns with the requirements of the target industry. Research your ideal industry and the typical requirements in similar roles, whilst getting to know how the market operates and the key players.

    Identify Transferable Skills

    Whist you may lack direct experience in the new industry, chances are you possess many transferable skills. Analytical abilities, communication skills, project management, and adaptability, are sought after in any industry. Identify and highlight these in your CV and in interviews, be sure to focus on and demonstrate these traits.


    Building a strong network is essential when transitioning into a new industry. Reach out to professionals working in your new sector through events, industry conferences, and LinkedIn. Aim to gain insights, expand your contacts, and find job opportunities.

    Industry-Specific Knowledge

    To stand out as a candidate in your desired industry, research industry-specific knowledge and certifications. Start courses, workshops, or online programs that offer insights into consumer behaviour, product development, and marketing strategies.

    Tailor Your CV

    Customise your CV and cover letter to highlight relevant experiences, accomplishments, and skills that are directly applicable to the industry. Use industry-specific keywords and terminology to demonstrate your understanding of the sector. Showcase any relevant projects, internships, or volunteer work that demonstrate your passion for moving to this industry and why you are looking for a transition like this.

    Lower-Level Positions

    Recognise that transitioning into a new sector may require starting from a more junior position to gain hands-on experience and familiarise yourself within the new industry. Be open to other roles that offer growth opportunities and a clear career path.

    Demonstrate Passion

    Employers are often drawn to candidates who exhibit genuine enthusiasm and passion for the industry. Communicate your interest during interviews and showcase your willingness to learn and adapt.

    Stay Resilient

    Career transitions take time, effort, and perseverance. Be prepared to face setbacks and challenges, but don’t lose sight of your long-term goals. Maintain a positive attitude and continue to actively pursue opportunities that align with your aspirations.

    In conclusion, transitioning into a new industry within the FMCG market requires careful planning, determination, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. By leveraging your transferable skills, building a strong network, acquiring knowledge, and demonstrating passion, you can successfully navigate this career transition and start a new chapter in your professional life.

    If you are currently looking to transition sectors or searching for a role, contact us today to schedule a confidential chat with one of our FMCG Recruiter, Drinks Recruiter, Beauty or Consumer Goods Recruiters, or take a look at the vacancies below.

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  • Sipping into Spring and Summer 2024

    Sipping into Spring and Summer 2024

    As the days get longer and the temperature rises, there’s no better time for a fruity spring drink. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, relaxing at home, or soaking up the sun on holiday, nothing beats the satisfaction of cracking open a cold, refreshing drink.

    As specialist drinks recruiters we’ve explored a selection of cocktails, soft drinks, beers, and more, all infused with that summer flavour. So, get ready to raise your glass and toast to the arrival of spring and summer 2024!

    Soft Drinks

    Summer soft drinks offer a refreshing variety of choices. Brands like DASH Water, Nix and Kix, Vita Coco, Punchy Drinks, and Belvoir Farm provide unique flavors and natural ingredients. Whether you’re craving a classic or a fruity soda, these options will keep you hydrated and cool during the warmer months.


    Embrace the summer beer trend of 2024 with a burst of fruity flavours. Jubel tempts with Peach, Elderflower, and Grapefruit-infused brews, while Camden Town Brewery introduces a zesty Lemon-infused Lager Top. Seven Bro7hers adds to the mix with their Mango Crazy beer. Beyond fruit-infused beers, many brands boast a variety of crisp lagers and bold ales, all ideal for sipping in the garden on a sunny day.


    Indulge in floral-inspired spirits: Chase presents its Hedgerow Elderflower Gin, Grey Goose delivers with its range of infused vodkas—perfect for crafting refreshing summer drinks. Cotswold Gin brings the essence of the countryside with its botanical-rich blend, while Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin offers floral flavors. Lastly, Copper in the Clouds introduces Flowerbomb Gin, bursting with floral notes.

    Energy Drinks

    Planning to get active this summer? Start the day with these refreshing energy drinks! Perfect Ted offers a natural Matcha energy drink, while Red Bull introduces a twist on their classic drink with Limited Edition Elderflower. Additionally, VITHIT provides a refreshing blend of vitamins and natural energy sources in various flavors.


    It’s cocktail season, spice up your summer with these canned cocktails! Funkin Cocktails, Edmunds Cocktails, Savyll Beverages, and Moth Drinks offer a range of delicious flavours to enjoy. Sipping these in the sun is the ideal way to unwind after a long day.

    CBD Infused

    CBD-infused drinks are all the rage for Summer 2024, thanks to brands like Trip, Good Rays, Medahuman, and Unrooted leading the charge. By incorporating CBD into beverages, consumers can enjoy its benefits conveniently. From promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety to providing relief from discomfort and supporting overall wellness.


    No summer drinks list would be complete without these classics: Pimms, Aperol, and San Pellegrino. Pimms, with its fruity and refreshing blend creates the British summer garden party vibe. Aperol’s vibrant orange hue instantly transports you to the streets of Italy. And when it comes to beating the heat or mixing up a refreshing cocktail, San Pellegrino is the go-to choice.

    Wrapping up our spring and summer drinks guide for 2024, we’re excited about opportunities available, both with the brands mentioned above and throughout the drinks industry. If you’re ready to start your new chapter,  reach out to us today, our specialist drinks recruiters will help you find your dream role!

    Check out our website to search our live job vacancies now!


    Get in touch for a chat so we can learn about you and understand what you want out of your career.
    ☎️ 0845 200 741

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  • Guide to Navigating Redundancy

    Guide to Navigating Redundancy

    We understand that navigating redundancy can be a daunting experience. However, we believe that it also presents a unique opportunity to reassess your career path and explore new avenues. As a recruitment company dedicated to helping candidates find their ideal roles, we see redundancy as a chance for personal and professional growth.

    Here are some essential tips to help you navigate this challenging time:

    Understand Your Rights

    Familiarise yourself with your rights regarding redundancy pay, notice periods, and any other benefits you may be entitled to under employment law.

    redundancy rights

    Seek Support

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to HR or a trusted legal advisor with any queries about your redundancy pay or the redundancy process itself.

    Update your CV and LinkedIn

    Take the opportunity to refresh your CV and update your profile, highlighting your skills and achievements. Also, consider turning on ‘Open to Work’ feature to show recruiters and hiring managers that you’re actively searching. Be sure to tailor your experience and CV to align with the roles you’re interested in applying for.



    Utilise your network in person at industry events and on social media to connect with professionals in your field and gain insights into the job market.

    Upskill and Reskill

    Identify areas where you can improve certain skills or acquire new ones to increase competitiveness. Consider pursuing online courses and certifications to add relevant experience to your CV.


    Stay Positive

    Redundancy does not determine your worth as a professional. Remain resilient and focused on your goals as you navigate this phase of your professional career. Stay open to alternative career paths that may align with your skills and interests; experience in the FMCG sector may translate well into other sectors.

    Consider Freelancing

    Freelance or contract work can offer flexibility and opportunities while you search for your next permanent role in the FMCG industry.

    self care

    Take Care of Yourself

    Finally, prioritise self-care and your mental health during this potentially stressful time. Maintain a healthy work-life balance, stay connected with family and friends, and seek support if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

    Navigating redundancy in the FMCG industry can be challenging, but by following these tips and staying proactive, you can position yourself for success in your new chapter. When approached with the right mindset and support, it can lead to significant professional growth and career fulfillment.

    If you’re currently in this stage and would like advice from experts, contact us below.

    If you are currently in the redundancy process or searching for a role, contact us today to schedule a confidential chat with one of our experienced consultants or take a look at vacancies below.

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  • Guide to Reducing Stress in the Workplace

    Guide to Reducing Stress in the Workplace

    During Stress Awareness Month this April, we have compiled a guide for employers on reducing stress in the workplace to unlock the full potential of their employees. This guide can also be beneficial for job seekers, helping them to identify potential benefits to seek in their next role.

    Here are some examples of strategies and benefits that companies can implement to work towards a stress-free workplace:

    Hybrid Work Arrangements

    Many companies are providing hybrid working options, which enhance employees’ work-life balance and consequently reduce stress in various aspects of their lives. This change also helps to alleviate commuting stress, allowing employees to utilise this to balance their personal and work lives.

    Four-day Workweek

    Some companies have implemented this 4-day workweek, where employees either retain their original working structure with an extra day off or compensate for this day by working longer hours. This approach can result in increased productivity during the hours at work, reduce burnout, and improve overall well-being. Many companies in 2024 are trailing this work model, and data is still being collected on its impacts.

    Wellness Programs

    Companies are investing in wellness programs that promote physical and mental well-being. These may include gym memberships, mindfulness sessions, yoga classes, and free access to counselling.

    Flexible Working Pattern

    This arrangement, much like hybrid working, allows for better work-life balance. Flexible work can take many different forms, but some companies are trialling ‘core hours’, where employees must work, for example, 10am to 4pm and then can choose to start earlier or work later. This way, those who need to accommodate the school run or look after elderly relatives have a flexible schedule to manage these responsibilities.

    Open Feedback

    Encouraging open communication and providing regular feedback is essential for managing employee stress levels. It helps foster a supportive work culture and allows employees to feel valued in the workplace. This also keeps senior managers aware of any ongoing issues, enabling them to address these before they escalate.

    Workload Management

    This goes hand in hand with open feedback, as with open communication, managers may discover that members of their team are struggling with their workload. This can involve prioritising tasks, delegating responsibilities, and promoting teamwork to assist in reducing stress.

    If you are facing challenges at work or experiencing stress in your role, contact us today to schedule a confidential chat with one of our experienced consultants.

    We can help you find your dream role, take a look at vacancies below.

    Alternatively, if you just need some specialist advice from our experienced FMCG recruiters, we would love to help you out.

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  • Tempting Easter Alternatives to Chocolate Eggs

    Tempting Easter Alternatives to Chocolate Eggs

    It’s Easter this weekend, a time for family and testing just how much chocolate one person can consume. So if you haven’t had the chance to buy your chocolate egg yet or you’re simply not a chocolate lover, we’ve got a range of Easter alternatives for you.

    Browse through our selections, which include baking ideas and fun 2024 Easter treat releases, to find some inspiration.

    1. 'Easter Cookies'

    Who says you can’t just turn ordinary cookies into ‘easter cookies’?. It’s as simple as adding some mini eggs to your favourite cookie recipe. However, if you’re up for a challenge, why not try baking cookies in the shape of bunnies or chicks? Make it a fun afternoon easter baking activity.

    2. Haribo Eggs Galore

    More of a sweet lover? Haribo have an easter combo with their iconic fried eggs and easter egg shaped sweets, making it perfect for themed parties or as an alternative to a traditional chocolate Easter egg.

    3. Chocolate Truffle Nest

    The classic easter childhood treat, and super easy to make! All you need are some chocolate, mini eggs, and cornflakes to create these fun nests! For extra points, buy some mini chicks and add them to the top (just remember to remind people that these aren’t edible).

    4. Donut Designs

    One of our favourite choices for Easter treats is Easter donuts! Krispy Kreme has a variety of options in their Easter range, including a mini-donut range with easter nest/chick and egg themed donuts.

    5. Hot Cross Bun Truffles

    Abel & Cole have homemade organic truffles with sultanas, orange peel, and spices, making them a great easter treat. Perfect for anyone who loves hot cross buns, these have all the flavour in a bite-size mouthful.

    6. Feeling Healthy

    If you’re hosting an Easter party and need some healthy options, why not incorporate Easter-themed fruits and vegetables? You can create a vibrant fruit salad arranged in an Easter-themed shape or cut colourful veggies into a spring garden or Easter bunny design.

    7. Hot Cross Bun Pie

    Yet another hot cross bun themed snack, McDonalds bring to the table one of their classic pies turned Easter-themed. If you want to go all out on the hot cross bun theme, pair this with their hot cross bun latte.

    8. Easter Cake Inspiration

    If you’re hosting an event, an Easter cake can steal the show. You can find many creative and fun ideas on Pinterest, but we’ve selected a few design favourites to get you started:

    9. The Best McFlurry

    Yet another hot cross bun themed snack, McDonalds bring to the table one of their classic pies turned Easter-themed. If you want to go all out on the hot cross bun theme, pair this with their hot cross bun latte.

    10. Egg-citing Trifle

    This last option is different: A Crème Egg trifle, a great dessert after your Easter Sunday lunch. It has layers of Cadbury chocolate mousse, chocolate chip cookie, fondant, and of course, the classic Crème Egg flavouring.

    If you’re not only looking for new Easter alternatives but also aiming to use this bank holiday weekend to explore new career opportunities, we might have just the right role for you!

    Check out our website to search our live job vacancies now!


    Get in touch for a chat so we can learn about you and understand what you want out of your career.
    ☎️ 0845 200 741

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  • Drinks Recruitment | New Chapter Consulting

    Drinks Recruitment at New Chapter

    Here at New Chapter, we have been working in the FMCG and Drinks recruitment space for over 19 years, helping the biggest and most forward thinking FMCG & Retail organisations find the best and brightest talent. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise with teams specialising in Sales, Marketing, Ecommerce, Supply Chain and Operations & Production. We recruit mid-to-senior management and board level professionals across a number of high profile clients.

    Some of Our Current Drinks Clients

    We believe in helping people and companies realise their potential and achieve their future ambitions. This important belief, coupled with an underlying commitment to service excellence in everything we do and a values-driven approach, makes us truly unique within the recruitment industry.

    We offer a variety of services to suit specific needs. The three key services we offer are: assignment services, database search and consultancy services. If you would like to discuss which service would work best for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also offer a range of bespoke reports including remuneration benchmarking, competitor insights and talent pool reports. If you would like to know more or have any further questions, please contact us.

    As one of the most successful FMCG recruitment brands in the UK, we pride ourselves on our ability to combine specialist market knowledge across an extensive range of sector specialist areas including Food, Drink and Non-Food Consumer Goods.


    Mike was amazing through out the whole process. From start to finish, even after I accepted the role, he was always there to answer any questions and was really efficient!

    Extremely helpful from start to finish, with amazing regular contact and advice. In particular, Henry Skrobot, who helped me prepare for interviews and providing in-depth information regarding the role and company. I am very grateful for this and thank both New Chapter and Henry for everything! Would 100% recommend!

    Very professional and friendly throughout all the process. Emma and Henry have been absolutely great and clear with all information. I highly recommend.

    Our Specialist Drinks Recruitment Team

    Other Drinks Recruitment Resources

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