New Chapters FMCG Salary Guide 2022

The New Chapter Salary Guide 2022

New Chapter are excited to share with you our exclusive FMCG Salary Guide for 2022.

We wanted to share a sneak peek and introduction as to what you will be able to get your hands on.

Our free guide is designed to provide a guideline for both businesses and individuals on current salary levels in the UK FMCG market. On top of this, our salary guide provides respondent profiles, benefits and bonuses and motivations to move.

What do we cover in the FMCG Salary Survey?

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As you well know, consumer wants and needs are constantly changing. However, 2021 witnessed one of the biggest shifts in the consumer psyche to date. From consumers becoming more environmentally aware. To space-age methods of entertaining consumers while feeding them information about your products and to data increasingly determining business strategy and decisions. 2021 was certainly a year of progression for the industry! But with all this change and ambition, the expectations of the FMCG workforce are increasing rapidly. With the need for analytical, ecommerce, and technical skills, among others, high in demand.

Our 2022 salary guide takes a detailed look into these changes. Taking a focus into seven key job functions within the FMCG industry:

Please keep in mind, our data may be influenced by factors outside the scope of this research. For example company size and profile within the market. Please therefore treat all data as a guide.

We also offer a range of bespoke reports including remuneration benchmarking, competitor insights and talent pool reports. If you would like to know more or have any further questions, please contact us.

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