Drinks Trends of 2022

Drinks Trends of 2022

Whilst the drinks industry took an undeniably hard hit from the pandemic, during a time of huge global disruption the drinks market proved itself as one of most resilient consumer goods categories. Economies have been set back and the industry has had to struggle with closures throughout the hospitality sector, shipment costs, delays, and higher packaging costs, to mention a few challenges. However, as at-home drinking increased we witnessed huge boosts in the ready to drink, no-low and craft markets. The steady increase of consumers enjoying dining and drinking out has further encouraged this growth, as we emerge out the other side of the pandemic. 

There are many opportunities for the drinks industry to take advantage of in the year to come as the market picks up. We are seeing consumer habits and palates changing, a global focus on sustainability within companies and experience led venues are on the rise, which will open many doors for the drinks industry. Continue reading to discover our forecasted trends for the drinks market in 2022.

Tequila Time

It’s time for gin to step over, as this year is going to be Tequila’s time. The gin boom had a big impact on the industry with some distilleries tripling in size since 2016 and countless flavours entering the market, whilst it is expected to remain a popular drink of 2022 Tequila is the new spirit on the rise and expected to continue leading the growth of mainstream spirits. Individuals are becoming more educated on tequila’s fine craftmanship and production process and as the spirit becomes more widely appreciated, we will be seeing its consumption as a longer, mixed drink increase (along with the trusty lime and salt combo shot to!). Celebrity brands such as 818 and Teremana are also proving very popular in the Tequila market as we recognised in our last blog.

Premium Please

The long period of at-home drinking has now shaped the way consumer attitudes and needs have since changed. After consuming more premium at home experiences in the form of at home cocktail making kits, premium wine subscriptions and more, consumers standards have now risen as they expect the best prices, quality, and experience from the out of home drinking. Whilst the industry does place a high level of pressure on brands to deliver on the premium out of home, individuals are continuing to follow this through to their at home drinking habits. The continuation of these habits are providing a great opportunity for retailers to maximise on their sales.

Additionally, there are a percentage of individuals wanting to explore big and bold flavor profiles with big and bold coming in strong this year. With the pandemic preventing any holidays and travelling, unique spirit flavour is proving to be a hit within the market, giving a taste of the tropics from home – from brands such as Smirnoff and Haig Club.

Continued Popularity and Gowth for the NOLO

Health-conscious movements in line with mindful drinking have gained a lot of backing in the past few years, with that has come the decline in alcohol consumption from particularly, the younger generation. It’s clear the drinks industry is following these behavioral shifts as we are seeing more and more drink variations entering the market with the likes of hard selzters, low calorie RTD’s and mixed soda drinks, all focusing on low sugar, natural ingredients and more.  

People are back to socialising and despite a lot of consumers enjoying NOLO beverages, a large proportion are not necessarily leading completely alcohol free lifestyles; the majority are simply deciding to make healthier choices – a sweet, sugar heavy cocktail is not always what people want each time they go out.

Sustainability Matters

Particularly after the COP26 summit there has been a huge push on sustainability and environmental impact from brands; with a heavy focus on making positive changes throughout every aspect of a business. Globally we are now seeing efforts from brands as they work on new product launches, packaging advancements, unexpected mergers and acquisitions, production methods and more as they work to improve their carbon footprint.

Whilst packaging is being made more sustainable, businesses are altering other elements of their functionality such as e-commerce and delivery to become eco-friendly. Many ready to drink subscription brands are continuing to remain popular after the pandemic pushed influence on these changes, this popularity has also stretched to the rise of quick-commerce. Involving rapid delivery from brands such as Fancy where packaging like pouches are making the process easier which is key in a rapidly growing sector.

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