Some Of The Worlds Coolest Office Spaces

Some of The Worlds Coolest Office Spaces

The importance of our office workspace is ever growing. Companies continue to excel in providing engaging, creative and motivating spaces for their workers. We have witnessed a particular shift following the Covid pandemic as positive working environments rise on the priority list. Not only for individuals, but also companies looking to encourage their staff back into the office. 

From varying work stations, relaxation rooms, catered kitchens and gaming spaces. To bars, spas and even climbing walls. The creative design behind these office spaces are amazing… and we have picked out some of our favorites!  

Trend Micro 

A Japanese multinational cyber security software company with multiple office locations.Particularly an incredible Cairo based office space. 

The office is designed to create a cultural experience. Linking the past of ancient Egyptian works to the future of the Cyber security company today. For example, the use of broken lines and the manipulation of space creates a futuristic environment. As well as lot’s of glass and mirrors used to augment sunlight. The office is complete with a large glass bridge which offers a grand view of the entire place.

Air BnB

It’s only right Air BnB offices have great interiors, considering that is the basis of their product! They actually have their own in-house interior design teams to work on this too. The research they do to build these spaces is amazing! 

We love the on brand, fun workout spaces they create for employees. Each is uniquely designed based on office loaction!

‘When we design a space, our goal is to remind people why they work, not where they work. ‘


An Italian private company founded by skateboarders, based in Milan. This company certainly offers a twist on the ‘usual’ office space.

The converted cinema now runs as the companies headquarters. Holding offices, a warehouse, showrooms, and even a giant skatebowl, all in one for the workers and visitors. 

This office is certainly spectacular since it even holds an interiors award from ArchDaily Building of the Year!


The London based Deliveroo office was designed to create dynamic and varied work settings. This is to encourage sharing and collaboration, whether cross-departmentally or in the canteen at lunch.

The office has a variety of settings for employees to work and socialise. That can be easily adapted to specific requirements, from their open plan desks to the swing seats and even a ‘rooball’ pitch!

ID Integrated

IDI Singapore has successfully crafted an office that is as good as a second home for the staff where anyone can work, play and collaborate anywhere and everywhere.

Each design aspect has been carefully thought about, even to the soft lighting used in the entrance to help people relax and create a welcoming environment. 

IDI trump a few free beers in the fridge by even giving their employees a whole bar!

Envoy Surveyed 800 workplace leaders who shared the incentives and changes they are employing to get their folks back into the workplace.

  • 88% of companies are using incentives to get their workers back on site.
  • 61% of businesses are making changes to the physical workplace.

If you aren’t satisfied in your job or the workspace that comes with it, we work with many amazing clients who are offering new opportunities everyday.

Lyft HQ

The design team in this project took inspiration from Lyft’s core values—Be Yourself, Uplift Others, and Make It Happen—to reinforce their brand with custom graphics, a curated furniture package, light, and color.

The office space was developed to mimic a sense of the urban neighborhoods and ‘parklets’ of San Francisco where people take a break from urban city life, or as in this office, employees can take a break from desks to work elsewhere, meet, socialize, or just relax.


The NYC HQ is designed as a series of open-plan and “freestyle” spaces intended to encourage creativity and collaboration among the 180 employees. It’s no surprise the sportswear brand even incorporated two whole basketball courts into their designs which they enlisted NY artist Kaws to paint his signature motifs across.

The sport resonance doesn’t stop in this building even with an entrance that has been designed in a tunnel form to make employees feel like an athlete entering a stadium.

The White Company

TWC offices appropriately reflect the stylish, calm beauty of the brand which have been designed to make staff feel more relaxed and comfortable in the office.

The soft tones combined with lot’s of natural light create a home from home feel for their employees with spaces for quiet time in their Library and areas for team collaboration with working ‘windows’ which create a space for trial and development. 

Gym Shark

Attracting future talent was one of the key missions for the development of the new Solihull office space. 

The building has many fascinating cool features such as there Human Centric smart lighting system, a lighting programme that mimics the sun’s path and monitors usage across the building to optimise energy and cost efficiency.

Each area of this offcie is designed for a different type of task and centres on enhancing wellbeing.


We couldn’t miss the renowned Google offices, all created with unusual and extraordinary workspace designs as part of its model of motivation. 

From climbing walls, to putting greens and sleep pods, every office is uniquely designed to meet the cultural aspects of each city they are based in…  there is a lot more behind their amazing office creations and why they do it, check out this blog to learn a little more. 

It is very easy to dismay these new office space designs that are emerging, particularly the more social areas we see like ping pong tables and bars.

However, it is scientifically shown that our brain needs recovery time, just as your muscles do after you have been in the gym. All these features offer environments for employees to take a break, re set for better focus, help creativity flow and collaborate with their colleagues.

Plus, remember where some of your best ideas have come from… in the shower, driving home from work or even just walking the dog… probably not at your desk!

Check out this short Ted Talk by Amanda LeClair, where she discusses these points, looking into ‘The good, the bad and the ugly of office design’. Highlighting the importance of it as acting as a physical manifestation of a companies culture.

TOP TIP: Amanda suggests for those who don’t know where to begin with making those office changes to start small – choose one behavior you want to work on and use the physical space around you to push that new behavior into your way. 

That could even be as small as bringing some plants into the workplace as they are shown to boost our mood and creativity.

So, why not take some time to do a little bit of research on the benefits simple changes can have in the office space, looking a features such as:

  • Layout 
  • Natural light 
  • Face to face interaction 
  • Inspiring areas 
  • Functional, comfortable, stylish or unique seating.
  • Décor such as plants and vibrant colours

Visit Office Snapshots to learn more about these office spaces and explore many more!

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