TikTok: The Future of Online Shopping?

TikTok: The Future of Online Shopping?

TikTok, a reasonably new social media phenomenon and a platform that has taken off in recent years.

With over 1 billion users worldwide and a consistent flow of new features, Many brands are joining the platform to boost their marketing efforts despite being outside the ‘typical’ user demographics.

TikTok’s user base is growing at speed. With this, it is becoming a great platform to offer businesses opportunity to reach new, larger audiences. The video-focused social networking service allows creators to maximise on exposure. Through creative short clips where they can jump on different trends, hashtags, and sounds.

The popularity of TikTok reaches from teens all the way to the grandparents, celebrities, musicians, influencers and now businesses too… you name it, they’re on there.

The short video limits help create a unique user experience where individuals are encouraged to get creative with the many features available. As video marketing grows, TikTok plays perfectly to those with shorter attention spans (which is in fact most of us, even if we don’t realise it!). With videos that are brief and straight to the point. This holds great potential for brands in the social space. Users are far more likely to view and interact with videos that have a compelling message and a strong established target audience. This means you could be on to a winner with TikTok and gain some amazing engagement for your brand.

The growth is allowing TikTok to become a place hot for brands. It has quickly established an e-commerce capability that capitalises on the growing popularity of retail social commerce. eMarketer estimates it will be worth $80 billion in the United States by 2025.

TikTok shared that their platform was a place in which ‘people flocked to to express themselves, exchange opinions, connect and learn from each other’. With that has come the powerful, organic effects on shopping trends. Users of the platform have an extremely influential sway and can create a bandwagon of love for a product or brand, making it rapidly go viral. This is a new and powerful cultural sensation.

E-commerce giants like ASOS and Elf Cosmetics have been two of the many brands to make an impact on the platform. Utilising the opportunity for brand discovery and engagement. Creators on TikTok really help to humanise these brands. This can be a valuable factor to consider when selecting influencers and platforms to work with.

Fashion, lifestyle and technology are three of the most trending catagories. They are what TikTok app users tend to spend their disposable income on. For many brands, the platform offers the ideal format for showcasing their products in creative ways. After a long time of lacking the social commerce opportunities available on other social platforms.  TikTok, after nearly a year of trials, have rolled out TikTok Shopping. This provides a way for users to buy products in the app without opening a web browser to go to a separate eCommerce store. 

As this online marketing opportunity grows for brands. We are excited to see who, or what products, take their turn to trend and how brands will continue utilising this space in a creative manner.

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