Why You Should Work With Recruiters: Clients

Why You Should Work With Recruiters: Clients

Last week we shared a blog on why you should work with recruiters to help secure your next role as a Candidate. This week we wanted to take on the perspective of Clients. Explaining how working with a specialist recruiter can benefit your business. Including an insight into our exclusive five²™ recruitment model!

Recruitment needs can appear urgently as a result of an unexpected employee departure or business growth. Equally, recruitment needs may heighten because of continuous expansion and the need to create a pipeline of great talent into your business. Regardless of the need, working with a recruiter will provide you with high-quality candidates. Whilst it costs a fee, the benefits most certainly outweigh the potential time and money spent recruiting yourself.

Here is why…

For businesses where an inhouse recruiter may have to manage the process of a role they aren’t familiar with, they may miss out on key candidates. Agencies have consultants who specialise in industries, for one sector or vertical. There’s no doubt recruiters are full of knowledge in their markets. Recruiters also have developed networks and tools to find the best people in these markets. 

Recruitment consultants have a deep knowledge of roles and the skills required in specific industries. This which allows them to spot transferable skills that may be missed otherwise. On a daily basis, they are dealing with candidates so become very experienced at interviewing in-depth. Recruiters have the personable skillset to best work with candidates so they know how to attract talent from the offset.

Recruiters have vast networks that come with both a huge pool of potential candidates and great networking opportunities. Valuable connections can increase exposure to hidden high quality candidates. Through their expert screening, recruiters can filter to find the most suitable candidates.

Recruiters are established in their markets and have access to a large talent pool of relevant candidates. They then pre-screen and reference them, leaving a shortlist of a very high quality.

Many recruitment companies put work into creating an approachable online presence. This includes having an established website where in turn, candidates regularly submit their details. This means the leads recruiters have are strong and often individuals who are keen to make a move.

Looking at it from the other perspective too, a recruiters skills can be extremely valuable and help you prevent hiring any bad candidates. They are always in the know and are often aware of who is looking for work, how capable they are, and salary expectations.

Recruiters focus all their time sourcing great candidates for businesses – after all, it is their job! Jokes aside, this does mean that a recruiter will be able to invest a large amount of time into the search process and finding those hidden gems. Furthermore, recruiters have great experience truly understanding what motivates a candidate. Subsequently, how to prevent any wobbles caused by candidate nerves.

Most recruitment firms have an individual, if not a team, dedicated to marketing. Where they devote their time to advertising your job role(s) in a creative way that will stand out from the crowd. This can help drive greater traction and catch the eye of top-tier professionals that may not have been actively looking for a career change.

Recruiters have excellent communication skills. Meaning they can be useful as a middleman in delicate situations such as salary negotiations with candidates. Recruiters have the knowledge to help you benchmark your remuneration package against other businesses in your industry. 

At New Chapter we can offer resources such as our FMCG Salary Guide to help you in the hiring process.

Recruiters also reduce the hiring process workload. They comple an initial interview assessment against your requirements, meaning all you have to do is choose from a great selection of candidates.

Retained search involves outsourcing the full process to a specialist recruiter who manages the complete process from candidate engagement through to offer. After 2 years, 87% of the candidates we have placed are still in post. Over 50% of those have been promoted to higher positions. This is in contrast to a recent study we ran that showed that on average people move companies every 1.9 years in FMCG/Retail.


Here at New Chapter we use a one-of-a-kind assignment service to help you succeed in acquiring new talent for your company. This strategy ensures that your recruitment process is a success. That the best candidate is recruited into the role, not just in relation to their experience, but also their cultural and behavioural fit.

The five²™ model follows through 25 thorough steps with the key five focussing in on the areas of:

Lear more about our five²™ recruitment model HERE

When taking each of these factors into consideration you can soon see how using a recruiter saves you both time and money. It has the potential to present you with far more advanced candidate pools and as a result speed up your hiring process.

If you are interested in learning more please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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