Why You Should Work With Recruiters: Candidates

Why You Should Work With Recruiters: Candidates

Working eith recruiters: the excitement of a career change is sometimes hindered by the daunting effort of job hunting. Whether you’re making a big industry move, quitting your existing role or just try something new. Arecruiter can add a lot of support and value to your journey. No matter how big or small.

Job boards and social media allow vacancies to be so readily available to us. With many platforms allowing you to upload your CV and be approached by companies without even looking. So why should you use a recruiter to secure your next role?

Recruiters are like your personal cheerleader. They are there to help you be your best and guide you through the process closely. Helping you increase the chances of securing the perfect role.

Let us explain in more detail…

Job searching can be a very tedious and slow process at times. By working with a recruiter you are adding another member to your team and essentially splitting the workload.

Of course, it comes with the advantage that this is what recruiters dedicate a huge percentage of their time to daily and they know the markets extremely well. With that knowledge, on top of the information you provide. They can usually find ideal vacancies quickly, that match up with your desires and skillsets.

Following from that, recruiters often have strong relationships with hiring managers and companies. This means they can influence and speed up the process at each stage as and when needed.

Relative to relationships recruiters have with clients, it means that they can often get you greater access to opportunities and companies. Not all vacancies are posted on job boards. Some companies post solely on their website or just strictly rely on agencies to source their candidates.

With that, it’s important to remember the scale of network size recruiters tend to have. Taking advantage of this can allow you to get the most out of your job seeking efforts through extremely credible leads. 

You will find that most recruiters are specialist in their area, working on one or few industries.

That means their connections and knowledge in your relevant industry will be very strong. With that in mind, they have the ability to provide you with excellent advice throughout your job search. They can provide great career advice on the whole as experts in the field.

Securing a job can be an extensive process, with multiple stage interviews and phone calls. Recruiters can work closely with you throughout the journey to help support you at each stage. From interview practice, to project reviews and company specific advice.

When it comes to securing a role, some individuals can find it nerve-wracking to negotiate. This is another reason why recruiters are great – they can do the job for you! This includes negotiating salary, benefits to the role duties. We are there to cover every element with the company and help shape it to work best for both you and them.

If you don’t make the first job you go for a recruiter will always stick by you to continue the search. One key thing to remember is that your details won’t be lost in a huge database. The systems will always work to pull out your relevant information and constantly keep you in consideration in the future.

Let us match your CV to the best role…

What it's like working with New Chapter, from Candidate to Client:

At New Chapter, our consultants have a genuine interest in helping match you with the perfect role and company, they will do everything they can to help you fulfil your career goals. Our close support throughout the process helps lead to optimum happiness and satisfaction in your career move which is extremely important to us.

If you would like to have a chat about your next move, or simply just find out what opportunities we are working on then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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