Avoid the Cost of a Bad Hire…

Avoid The Cost of a Bad Hire...

We get it, there is a cost to using an agency to recruit for your business, and these fees can be a costly and unappealing prospect. However, a bad hire can turn out to be even more expensive. In fact, studies have revealed that bad hires are one of the most expensive mistakes you can make in your business. If you’re seeking new talent for your business in the new year, we’re here to help you get it right first time. Contact us to discuss your recruitment needs to see how we can help you avoid the following…

1. A Repetitive Recruitment Process

To recruit for your business, you need a budget to market roles and the HR manpower to select and interview candidates. If you fail to get the hire right first time you risk the expense of having to do it all over again.

We’re here to help you make sure that you’re never left with the cost and burden of having to re-fill a vacancy. We have an abundance of experience, a huge network and a strong candidate database so we have access to the very best talent. We also have a track record of getting it right first time, and if we don’t…. we offer a six months guarantee period with our standard terms.

2. The Prospect of Low Morale

It’s true what they say, one bad apple spoils the barrel! Having one member in the team that doesn’t fit in with your culture or doesn’t produce the same results as the rest of the team will ruin the morale of the whole team.

This is likely to reduce the productivity of the whole team. Other team members will be forced into picking up the slack for their sub-par colleague, and these ones will burnout. If your reliable employees aren’t working at their maximum potential, then you risk a lower business output. If you’re a small business, this can be especially damaging.

3. Reputation Damage

If your employees have low morale, it’s likely to lead to them looking for employment elsewhere. A fast turnover of staff could leave your business with a poor reputation, making it more difficult for you to recruit in the future.

If your new hire is providing a poor service, you could face a damaged reputation commercially. The downward spiral starts here… bad reputation… less profits. We can help prevent this by understanding your business’ needs and using our expertise to help you find a candidate that we know will deliver in the role.

4. Financial Cost

The ultimate price you will pay for a bad hire is a financial cost as you have to re-hire and re-train employees. It’s difficult to predict how a candidate will perform once in the role as it’s easy to exaggerate achievements on CVs and in interview. However, our 14 years of experience in the industry means that we can tell a truthful candidate from a fake! We take the time to pre-screen candidates to gain an in-depth understanding of their work history and achievements so we can make an accurate decision on their suitability for a role.

We have also received tonnes of feedback from clients on our candidates on how they perform once in the role, so we have gained a thorough understanding of what candidate backgrounds will enable a candidate to be successful in each role.

New Career

Hiring the wrong candidate can be avoided by using one of our consultants to help you get it right first time. For just a small fee you can avoid the above and employ a candidate that is going to be beneficial for your business right from the get-go!

 If you’re searching for your dream candidate, give us a call or contact us to see how we can assist you in your recruitment process.  

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