Benefits of Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working Benefits

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies have chosen to adopt hybrid working arrangements or shift towards going fully remote. Likewise, at New Chapter, we have embraced this approach to enable our team to achieve a healthier work-life balance.

In this blog, we will delve into the benefits of hybrid working and its impact on our team.

Hybrid Working

Top 5 Benefits:

Improved Work-Life Balance

Hybrid working has the potential to improve work-life balance by reducing the time employees spend commuting to and from work. James Howarth, a Senior Consultant at NC, says ‘It saves time and lets me see a bit more of my kids when I don’t have to commute on my WFH days.’

This flexibility has also allowed our Head of Consumer, Rachael Carver, to save one and a half hours per day on her commute. Which has allowed her to be more productive.

Divisional Manager Emma Forster agrees, saying, ‘Hybrid/ flexible working makes it possible for me to manage childcare. I wouldn’t be able to pick up from nursey or be home in time for his bath and bed routine. If I worked in the office five days a week, and this time is really valuable to me.’

Increased Flexibility

One significant benefit of adopting a hybrid model at NC is the increased control our team has over their work schedules and location. Associate Consultant Faye Rillstone says one of her favourite parts of our flexi scheme is the option to work abroad. This enables her to meet candidates and clients face-to-face in their own countries and explore.

Founder and CEO Adrian Dalby commented that ‘the team has been able to work abroad from around the world in France, Australia, Kosovo, Spain and more.’ He mentioned that another side to the increased flexibility is that ‘it’s now common to “jump on a teams call” both internally and with clients. This has significantly approved efficiency.’ Experiences like these allow companies to have higher retention rates and greater job satisfaction.

Hybrid Working
Hybrid Working
Hybrid Working

Reduced Costs

Commuting to the office can be costly and James says that working from home a few days a week can help save money on travel, lunch, or coffee. Transport is only getting more expensive, so by saving on this cost even once a week can be hugely beneficial to many employees.

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

This is a significant advantage for companies, as removing the location barrier allows them to search for the best candidate. Here at NC, we have built a diverse team with various perspectives.

Our Founder & CEO, Adrian Dalby said ‘this has given us more flexibility to hire people further afield. Henry, one of our Associate Consultants, worked part-time for us remotely while completing his master’s degree. Our brilliant Social Media Executive also lives over an hour from London.’

Seeing Colleagues

Since hybrid working involves splitting time between remote and in-office work. Meaning the team can look forward to seeing each other and catching up during their office days.

Rachael, Emma and Adrian mentioned that the team now gets a real buzz from going to the office and seeing everyone. Boosting their morale and teamwork, it’s the perfect set up.

Hybrid Working

Overall, hybrid working offers numerous benefits for both employees and companies, and it has definitely enhanced the work-life balance for the entire team here at New Chapter. With reduced costs, increased productivity, and access to a wider talent pool, it is no surprise that many companies are now adopting this model. It is likely that hybrid working will become the new normal in the future.

If you’re looking for a new role, take a look at the current vacancies on our website. Many of which offer hybrid working or are completely remote.

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