five²™ The best way to attract talent and guarantee long term success

five²™ The Best Way to Attract Talent and Guarantee Long Term Success

To achieve success when recruiting new talent into your business New Chapter adopts a unique assignment service. This approach guarantees success in your recruitment process, and will ensure your investment is long-term.

“The difference came when we met their candidates, all of whom were exceptional. New Chapter seem to have search methods that draw perfect candidates to your vacancies even if they weren’t previously looking for a new job.”

New Chapter lead the industry through our assignment services approach to recruitment; known as five²™. Our proprietary five²™ process demonstrates real value for money, delivers an exceptional candidate experience and minimises your time spent on hiring.

Five² contains 25 steps to ensure we identify the best talent in the marketplace, not just on a recruiter’s database. We produce bespoke marketing materials – including candidate information packs and video job adverts that create a positive employer brand and help us engage with passive candidates.  We map the market to ensure we match and engage the best people for your role.

We then assess the candidates against your specific requirements and feed back to you their strengths and weaknesses. All you have to do is turn up and interview our shortlist and decide who is the best fit for you.

Its proven that this approach leads to more successful hires.  After 2 years, 87% of the candidates we have placed with our clients are still in post. Over 50% of those have been promoted to higher positions.

So, does the idea of working in a highly successful way for no extra cost appeal to you?

If so, contact us and we will be in touch shortly.

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