FMCG Interview Advice For Candidates

Interview Advice for FMCG Candidates

Interviews allow employers to see if you’re a good fit for their role. But, they also give you an opportunity to see if their culture and job package is right for you!

From researching the company to getting feedback, make sure you construct a great first impression. Ace your next FMCG job interview by following this advice from our team of expert consultants in London.


“Remember, this is a two-way street. This is the perfect opportunity for you to find out more about the FMCG role, business, and company culture. Going prepared with some questions you want to know the answer to. Will not only help you make an informed decision, but help you come across as confident and engaged.” – Charli Harris, Recruitment Consultant


“Always have some questions prepared for the FMCG interviewer. These should be about the role and business, but also have one or two about them. Check out their LinkedIn beforehand and ask about a previous role, university, or why they joined the business. That tiny bit of prep will go a long way.” – Emma Forster, Divisional Manager – Drinks

“Always go to an FMCG interview with prepared examples to help the employer visualise the value you have added to the companies you have worked for. The best way to accomplish this is to provide them with an overview of the situation. Include what tasks or actions were performed, and, most importantly, the result or outcome. A tangible example can really bring your experience to life.”

“Be prepared to discuss what motivates you to apply for the position. Is it the business values, culture, their products or category? On many occasions, clients will go with the candidate who is the most enthusiastic or passionate, even if they don’t have all the skills required.” – Arbrie Hoxha, Divisional Manager – Consumer

“Research! Make sure you are familiar with the FMCG company by researching the size of the business, their website, where they sit in the market. A typical question in an interview is why do you want to work for the company. So, it’s always good to showcase your knowledge and this will help convey your interest to the interviewer.” – Rachel Sollis, Recruitment Consultant

Use your Recruiter

“Really use your recruiter to your advantage! They will have a good relationship with the line or hiring manager. Also they really understand what they’re looking for from a technical and personality standpoint. Ask them as many questions as possible. Then when you’re going into the interview, you feel like you already know who you’re meeting. If your interview process requires a presentation, send that to your recruiter. They can check it well in advance before sending it on to the client. 

We have seen hundreds of presentations before, so we will be able to give feedback on the strengths and weaknesses. We know what the client will be looking for in those tasks. Even if it’s something as simple as a colour scheme change, so use our insight as much as possible!”– Shannon Milligan, Managing Consultant


“Think about first impressions. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the job you’re interviewing for. Also make sure you use confident, accessible body language which will help the process and increase your self-confidence.” – 
Cristy Jennings, Recruitment Consultant


“Your mind will answer most questions when you’re calm and collected. You’re already confident in what you know, so relax.” – Faye Rillstone, Associate Consultant


“Be genuine. The interview process is as much about the FMCG company finding the right person as it is about the candidate finding the right company for them. Being true to yourself helps make sure that it’s the right fit on both sides.” – Rachael Carver, Head of Consumer

Culture Awareness

“Be aware of the company culture; make sure that you share the same values and not just the ideal skill set for the role. Ask questions directly related to your values to find out as much as you can. The correct work environment will allow you to achieve your goals and be more productive.” – Hannah Bugler, Associate Consultant


“Pass on your feedback to your recruiter as soon as you finish your interview, whilst it’s still fresh in your mind. Plan to ask any questions that you might not have had the opportunity to ask during your interview. This also allows the company to see your interest in them.” – Katie O’Leary, Associate Consultant

Here at New Chapter we would love to help you find the best talent and achieve your goals. With experienced consultants across FMCG, Retail and more. Contact us today to discuss further!

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