The Vegan List – Our Favourite Vegan Foods

The Vegan List - Our Favourite Vegan Foods🌿

According to the Vegan Society, if the world changed to eating vegan foods, it could save 8 million human lives by 2050. Also, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a huge two thirds, lead to healthcare related savings and avoid climate damages of $1.5 trillion. What a HUGE impact.

So with this in mind, we thought we’d put together some of our favourite vegan products and brands to help you get some vegan inspiration. If you’re deciding to take the plunge into vegan-hood this January, we’ve included our top supermarket ranges, alternatives and some BIG vegan brands. Here they are…

UK Supermarkets

UK supermarkets are keeping up with consumer trends with a whole host of ranges that are deliciously and conveniently vegan. These own-brand ranges include pizzas, ready meals, and all the usual kitchen essentials. We’re loving Waitrose’s vegan mac and greens, a delicious alternative to mac and cheese. Also their ready-to-eat sandwich range is a perfect alternative for lunches!

Sainbury’s are nailing it with their ‘Love Your Veg’ range. This range includes their ‘Cumberland Shroomogs’ and a sweet potato katsu curry. If you’re looking for a chicken nugget alternative, Marks and Spencers’ ‘Plant Kitchen’ no chick’n nuggets taste just like the real thing. We’ve also heard that Tesco, Asda and Iceland are offering some tasty alternatives in their own-brand ranges. We’d recommend checking them out.

Alternative Vegan Options

Whilst the vegan diet cuts out all meat, fish and dairy, all is not lost… our favourite brands are creating alternatives to all our usual go-to products. Nando’s have introduced their vegan perinaise to make sure that vegan Nando’s fans can still be in on all the fun. Hellman’s vegan mayo is making sure that our fave condiment is still being served up to vegans up and down the country. If you’re a pasty fan, check out Ginster’s Quorn vegan pasty, and Greggs’ vegan sausage roll and steak bake. We can guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

Our fave sausage brand Heck are serving up some delicious vegan sausages. Whilst pizza brands like Chicago town and Goodfellas have created some tasty vegan alternatives. Brands are making sure that vegans don’t miss out on a single thing. 

Veggie and Vegan Brands

Luckily for us, over the years several brands have emerged that focus entirely on vegan and vegetarian foods. Quorn made some serious waves in the vegetarian market and have continued to blow our minds with some brilliant vegan alternatives. Our time old favourite Linda McCartney have also stirred up some great vegan alternatives. Brands like Bol, Vivera, Tofurkey and Beyond Meat are leading the plant-based revolution. The Coconut Collaborative, Alpro and Violife are making sure that vegans are still satisfying their dairy needs.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Oreos, bourbons and dark chocolate are all examples of vegan foods that you probably don’t realise are vegan. Alongside this are smoky bacon hula hoops and interestingly, Warburton’s crumpets.

Vegan options have increased hugely, and there are more alternatives available than ever before, making vegan life easier than ever. As expert recruiters in the FMCG market, we like to make sure that we’re up to date with all things food. So, if you’re looking for your next food role… give us a call on 0845 2000 741 for a confidential chat with one of the team. Or visit our website to view all of our live roles.

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