Employer Interview Advice

Interview Advice for Employers

Are you an employer looking to improve your interview technique?

Our experienced consultants at Team Leeds have shared their must-do interview advice to ensure you get the most out of your time with each candidate.

Putting the time and research into each potential employee will benefit both of you as this is a two-way process. You must appeal to candidates just as much as you’re looking for them to impress you!

“Always try and make constructive notes on how the interview goes. As an interviewer can you deliver any constructive feedback to help a candidate improve how they interview next time? Even if they’re not right for your role. Make sure to deliver constructive feedback to give the candidate a positive experience with your company” – Luke McDonnell, Managing Consultant

“In a candidate short market, don’t close yourself off to candidates who may not be the perfect candidate on paper. Can you look at ways to develop a candidate that ticks most of your boxes? Would this development plan be an attribute of attracting a candidate over their other opportunities and increasing staff retention in the long run?” – Jessica Kaur, Associate Consultant

’m pretty sure you’re looking to invest in the right person and have that person stick around for a while, so offer them what they deserve. Don’t lowball, you want them to join feeling valued.” – Lauren Milner, Senior Consultant

Try to keep minimal time between 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages as good candidates tend to be off the market much quicker than the average candidate. By reducing this lead time, you maximise your chances of bringing this candidate onboard.” – Harry Toole, Recruitment Consultant

Remember this is a two way process, if you like the candidate you’re interviewing don’t assume the feeling is mutual. They may have numerous other opportunities and therefore make sure you sell your business and the opportunity”– Mike Lowery, Managing Director

At the moment it is very much a ‘candidate market’. Urgency is paramount as most candidates we speak to at the moment are in multiple processes or being approached daily, so if you like a candidate then please progress as quickly as possible so you don’t miss out on your preferred person.” – James Howarth, Senior Consultant

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