Interviews vs Dating… What’s the Difference?

Interviews vs Dating... What's the Difference?

It’s a funny pattern we often pick up on. So what better time then Valentine’s Day to share with you the similarities dating and interviews bring. You want to be loved and have control, there’s great deal of unknown, a lot of room for error. The need to appear interested but not desperate. Surprisingly, some of the best dating advice may also be used to a succeed in your job search! So hopefully with this blog you might be able to take away a few tips from us. Whether it be dating or interviews…  New Chapter is giving our best dating advice, who would’ve thought!

1. Mutual Friends Bring Connections

Friends can be some of the best people for introductions and getting a ‘referral’ can be super valuable in both games.

Mutual connections can get you one step ahead of the game. Knowing both parties can often mean they understand your suitability and introductions can be very worthwhile. 

2. You Have to Get Out There to Reap Results

You can’t discover job opportunities or meet new people by making no effort and doing nothing.

Network, do your research, contact firms that stand out to you, upload your CV to job boards… and get those interviews! 

3. First Impressions Count

Those first time nerves, worrying about what they will think, what to wear, how you want to come across… it’s all normal.

Starting from the first step, how you will come across on paper, are you their type?

Your CV must highlight all your best assets and skills. Use this to really sell yourself and prove why you are the perfect candidate. 

We can’t enhance how important preparation is before the first interviews… have a look through our guide to help you out here

4. Your First Date

It’s likely you’re nervous, but that shows you care. Try to look at the exciting aspects of this potential new chapter in your life, gather all the questions you have and enter feeling positive and confident.

The KEY thing is to be yourself.

With that said you must choose your words carefully, keep the balance of showing off your personality whilst keeping professional. 

Of course you want to dress to impress too, you need to make a favorable impression. Keep simple, classic, smart and minimalistic, don’t let your clothes distract from you!

Topics of conversation on dates and in interviews can often be quite similar. Where you are from? What motivates you? What are your passions?  However, in both circumstances this needs to flow and keep your listener interested. You want to tell them about your most exciting and relevant experiences. Share what you can bring to the business and tie in your experience with what they are looking for. 

Body language is always something to keep in mind. You want to present yourself as confident and friendly in interviews. Keep your shoulders back, arms unfolded, consistent eye contact and don’t forget to smile!

Finally, be on time, there is nothing worse than being late. It shows you are unorganised and can show a lack of commitment or respect.

5. The Second Date is Set

Hopefully at this stage the nerves are under control. Getting to a second meeting or futher interviews shows you did well. They like you, take confidence from that. 

This is an opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level. Sometimes you are required to do a presentation or participate in activities. This provides you with another great opportunity to sell yourself and your skills.

6. Look Out for Chemistry & Matched Morals

A very important step in the process. This is something that in the long run will have a big impact and really show up if you aren’t on the same level. 

Ensure the business you are looking to work for share the same ethics and moral compass as yourself. You can get an idea of the company’s personality through their social media presence and the way they present themselves online.

Top Tip: Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions surrounding this topic, they need to be right for you just as much as you need to be right for them.

7. Don't Settle

With that said, don’t be afraid to look for the full package and don’t settle until you have that. Know your worth and never doubt it!

Make sure you understand the remuneration package that comes with your role. Don’t hesitate to compare this to what other companies are offering. It’s important that you are comfortable with what they are providing and that the care for their employees is clear. 

It is common for us to feel the need to lower our expectations and reduce your drive for perfection and excellence. However, this will never serve you well. There is nothing wrong with wanting to work somewhere that will make the most of your skills, value you, and reward your hard work. It is always possible to get what you want if you work hard for it and show that you are deserving. 

But… it is important to keep in mind that no job will be perfect, there will always be parts you dislike more than others. Don’t get caught too up on finding the ‘perfect’ role. 

Settling will only in time produce resentment and dissatisfaction within you job, which is good for nobody. Be clear and honest about what you need and want.

8. Don't be Too Eager

That awful wait afterwards where you don’t want to look too desperate but equally you want to show your interest. 

Rather than contacting them straight away, you want to give a day or so after interviews to follow up. You can then thank the interviewee for their time and confirm your interest in the company and role. 

9. Make it Official

You’ve done it and things have been made official!

The job offer has come through, time to resign and get preparing for your new role you have worked so hard for. 

10. Don't Forget Your Friends

Never forget those who have been there from the start.

If you have worked through your job hunting process with a recruiter never forget to keep them in the loop post job offer. They will be there to help you with the move by answering questions, supporting any nerves and keeping the process as smooth as possible. 

Not to mention they are invested in your journey and want to be a part of it right until the end!

Finding the right match is not easy in dating or on your job search. Just remember to stay present, open and honest with both the other person and yourself. Stick to your true self and facing those awkward situations will become much easier. It will allow you to find the one and shape a career you love!

As recruiters our favourite thing is watching the match making we do come to life. Being part of that huge new chapter in an individual’s life is so rewarding. So, if you are looking for a fresh start in your career (sorry we can’t help any further with the love life) then please send over your CV to us. We would love to work with you on finding THE ONE.

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