Top 5 Back-to-School Stationery Brands to Watch

Top 5 Back-to-School Stationery Brands to Watch

The back-to-school period is renowned for being one of the busiest times in the stationery calendar, if not THE busiest! With so many brands and options available, I’ve put together a list of my top five favourite stationery brands. This includes the key players in the market as well as the up-and-coming brands to watch out for.


BIC is a global household name known for producing affordable and reliable writing instruments. Their iconic Cristal Ballpoint pens can be spotted in nearly every classroom.

My Top Pick: BIC 4 Colours Original

Karst is a B-Corp certified stationery company using only responsibly sourced materials for their products. Their paper, made from 100% sustainably recycled stone, is tearproof, waterproof and is the smoothest paper to write on.

My Top Pick: Softcover Notebook A5

Pilot is renowned for producing exceptional writing instruments. Their selection of products includes fountain pens, highlighters, and erasable ink pens, and are made to deliver one of the smoothest writing experiences on the market.

My Top Pick: V-Ball Grip 07 – Liquid Ink Rollerball pen

Colart stands as a global leader in art supplies, with a portfolio of brands and vast array of products. They are a firm favourite of artists worldwide, including Picasso and Degas, whilst their brand Snazaroo is popular for school fairs. Their commitment to sustainability has earned them a B-Corp Certification this year. 

My Top Pick: Windsor & Newton Cotman Watercolours Sketchers’ Pocket Box

Tombow is a go-to brand for artists and calligraphers. Their versatile dual brush pens, available in a range of colours, are perfect for blending and creating intricate lettering and illustrations.

My Top Pick: Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen Set of 12 Sunset Colours

Making the right investment in stationery can truly make all the difference during the back-to-school period. These brands and products are some of my favourites on the market now, but I’m excited to try out the new launches that this period brings. If you’re in need of support as a candidate or client in the stationery space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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