How To: Change Industry within FMCG

How To: Change Industry within FMCG

Are you planning to switch industries such as moving from the drinks industry to the beauty sector? Whatever your motivation, changing industries can be an exciting yet prove harder than you think. However, you can successfully navigate this transition and thrive in your new market.

We have put together our top tips to help you make a smooth transition:


Before diving headfirst into a new industry, take the time to reflect on your skills, interests, and long-term career goals. Evaluate how your current skill set aligns with the requirements of the target industry. Research your ideal industry and the typical requirements in similar roles, whilst getting to know how the market operates and the key players.

Identify Transferable Skills

Whist you may lack direct experience in the new industry, chances are you possess many transferable skills. Analytical abilities, communication skills, project management, and adaptability, are sought after in any industry. Identify and highlight these in your CV and in interviews, be sure to focus on and demonstrate these traits.


Building a strong network is essential when transitioning into a new industry. Reach out to professionals working in your new sector through events, industry conferences, and LinkedIn. Aim to gain insights, expand your contacts, and find job opportunities.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

To stand out as a candidate in your desired industry, research industry-specific knowledge and certifications. Start courses, workshops, or online programs that offer insights into consumer behaviour, product development, and marketing strategies.

Tailor Your CV

Customise your CV and cover letter to highlight relevant experiences, accomplishments, and skills that are directly applicable to the industry. Use industry-specific keywords and terminology to demonstrate your understanding of the sector. Showcase any relevant projects, internships, or volunteer work that demonstrate your passion for moving to this industry and why you are looking for a transition like this.

Lower-Level Positions

Recognise that transitioning into a new sector may require starting from a more junior position to gain hands-on experience and familiarise yourself within the new industry. Be open to other roles that offer growth opportunities and a clear career path.

Demonstrate Passion

Employers are often drawn to candidates who exhibit genuine enthusiasm and passion for the industry. Communicate your interest during interviews and showcase your willingness to learn and adapt.

Stay Resilient

Career transitions take time, effort, and perseverance. Be prepared to face setbacks and challenges, but don’t lose sight of your long-term goals. Maintain a positive attitude and continue to actively pursue opportunities that align with your aspirations.

In conclusion, transitioning into a new industry within the FMCG market requires careful planning, determination, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. By leveraging your transferable skills, building a strong network, acquiring knowledge, and demonstrating passion, you can successfully navigate this career transition and start a new chapter in your professional life.

If you are currently looking to transition sectors or searching for a role, contact us today to schedule a confidential chat with one of our FMCG Recruiter, Drinks Recruiter, Beauty or Consumer Goods Recruiters, or take a look at the vacancies below.

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