Sipping into Spring and Summer 2024

Sipping into Spring and Summer 2024

As the days get longer and the temperature rises, there’s no better time for a fruity spring drink. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, relaxing at home, or soaking up the sun on holiday, nothing beats the satisfaction of cracking open a cold, refreshing drink.

As specialist drinks recruiters we’ve explored a selection of cocktails, soft drinks, beers, and more, all infused with that summer flavour. So, get ready to raise your glass and toast to the arrival of spring and summer 2024!

Soft Drinks

Summer soft drinks offer a refreshing variety of choices. Brands like DASH Water, Nix and Kix, Vita Coco, Punchy Drinks, and Belvoir Farm provide unique flavors and natural ingredients. Whether you’re craving a classic or a fruity soda, these options will keep you hydrated and cool during the warmer months.


Embrace the summer beer trend of 2024 with a burst of fruity flavours. Jubel tempts with Peach, Elderflower, and Grapefruit-infused brews, while Camden Town Brewery introduces a zesty Lemon-infused Lager Top. Seven Bro7hers adds to the mix with their Mango Crazy beer. Beyond fruit-infused beers, many brands boast a variety of crisp lagers and bold ales, all ideal for sipping in the garden on a sunny day.


Indulge in floral-inspired spirits: Chase presents its Hedgerow Elderflower Gin, Grey Goose delivers with its range of infused vodkas—perfect for crafting refreshing summer drinks. Cotswold Gin brings the essence of the countryside with its botanical-rich blend, while Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin offers floral flavors. Lastly, Copper in the Clouds introduces Flowerbomb Gin, bursting with floral notes.

Energy Drinks

Planning to get active this summer? Start the day with these refreshing energy drinks! Perfect Ted offers a natural Matcha energy drink, while Red Bull introduces a twist on their classic drink with Limited Edition Elderflower. Additionally, VITHIT provides a refreshing blend of vitamins and natural energy sources in various flavors.


It’s cocktail season, spice up your summer with these canned cocktails! Funkin Cocktails, Edmunds Cocktails, Savyll Beverages, and Moth Drinks offer a range of delicious flavours to enjoy. Sipping these in the sun is the ideal way to unwind after a long day.

CBD Infused

CBD-infused drinks are all the rage for Summer 2024, thanks to brands like Trip, Good Rays, Medahuman, and Unrooted leading the charge. By incorporating CBD into beverages, consumers can enjoy its benefits conveniently. From promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety to providing relief from discomfort and supporting overall wellness.


No summer drinks list would be complete without these classics: Pimms, Aperol, and San Pellegrino. Pimms, with its fruity and refreshing blend creates the British summer garden party vibe. Aperol’s vibrant orange hue instantly transports you to the streets of Italy. And when it comes to beating the heat or mixing up a refreshing cocktail, San Pellegrino is the go-to choice.

Wrapping up our spring and summer drinks guide for 2024, we’re excited about opportunities available, both with the brands mentioned above and throughout the drinks industry. If you’re ready to start your new chapter,  reach out to us today, our specialist drinks recruiters will help you find your dream role!

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