Mastering the First 90 Days in a New Role

Mastering the First 90 Days in a New Role

Starting a new FMCG job is both exciting and daunting. The first few months in a new position are critical for setting the tone and laying the foundation for your success.

In this blog, we will outline a strategic roadmap to help you in mastering the first 90 days in a new role in FMCG with confidence.

Set Clear Goals and Objectives

Begin by defining what success looks like you over the next 90 days. This will hugely vary for each professional based on your previous experience and new role. Consider what you aim to achieve-whether it’s mastering a new skill or software, creating strong connections with clients and colleagues, or ensuring you have a full understanding of the product/service.

To establish your goals, use the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) technique. Refer to our previous blog on how to identify your strengths and weaknesses for help with this. Ensure that your goals align with your role, responsibilities, and the overall objective of the business. Break them down into actionable steps and prioritise based on importance.

Understand Your Role and Responsibilities

Ensuring a thorough understanding of your role, responsibilities, and expectations not only portrays you as proactive but also lays the groundwork for long-term success.

Clarify any uncertainties with your manager and colleagues whilst familiarising yourself with key processes, new systems, and all clients and stakeholders. Identify potential challenges or areas for improvement in the business and develop proactive strategies to address them.

Build Strong Relationships

Starting a new role and meeting new people can be daunting. However, ensuring you connect with your colleagues and clients in the first 90 days is essential; it lays the groundwork for making positive first impressions.

Invest time in building rapport, trust, and collaboration, and actively seek feedback and insights from others. This will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics within your team; relationship-building is essential for success in any role.

Organisation and Effective Time Management

Developing a structured plan to efficiently manage your time and tasks is crucial. Prioritise your daily activities according to their importance and urgency. Use tools and techniques such as to-do lists, calendars, and project management software to stay organised and focused. Set aside dedicated time for strategic planning, goal setting, and reflection.

Continuous Learning and Development

Commit to continuous learning and professional development. Identify areas where you can expand your knowledge, skills, and expertise to thrive in your new role. Take advantage of training programs, workshops, and resources offered and look for new opportunities to learn to accelerate your development.

Seek Feedback and Reflect Regularly

Seek feedback from your manager, colleagues, and stakeholders on your performance and progress. Actively listen to their input and incorporate constructive feedback into your development efforts. Take time to reflect on your achievements and areas for improvement. Celebrate your successes and learn from your setbacks to continuously refine your approach.

The next 90 days are important to establish yourself in your new FMCG role and set yourself up for long-term success. Remember that your career success is a journey, and each day will give you an opportunity to learn, grow, and excel. Here’s to mastering the first 90 days and beyond!

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