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  • Essentials to Stay Organised whilst Travelling

    Essentials to Stay Organised whilst Travelling

    As summer winds down in the UK, the travelling season is just getting started in many parts of the world! It’s the perfect time to make the most of the second half of the year and treat yourself to a well-deserved holiday.

    Whether you’re eyeing a tropical beach paradise or an urban escape, staying organized is the key to enjoying stress-free travels. Alongside the essentials like your backpack, phone, and headphones, we’ve put together a practical list of often-forgotten items that can significantly enhance your travel experience. From travel adapters to versatile umbrellas, we’ve got you covered for a smoother journey.

    Packing Cubes

    Utilising your packing space and keeping everything organised is an essential for travelling. That’s where packing cubes come in! These nifty organisers have gained popularity the last few years, providing a hassle-free, cheap way to free up space and organise your belongings. Consider them a must-have for travelling!

    £42 Osprey

    Shoe Organisation

    Another essential addition to your travel gear is shoe organisers. These convenient bags serve a dual purpose; ensuring your dirty shoes stay separate from clean clothes and keeping everything organised in your bag. Pack your shoes individually or in pairs, and just slip them inside or around your packing cubes.

    £20 Amazon

    Jewellery Holder

    A mini travel jewellery box is an essential for anyone looking to take their jewellery with them. Nowadays, many companies sell variations of these boxes, to ensure your earrings stay in pairs, and your necklaces stay untangled. If you don’t have time to buy one before your trip, consider using a pill container to keep all your jewellery organised and tangle-free. It’s a cheap but effective hack!

    £18 Stackers

    Flat Lay Organisation

    Continuing with bag organisation, a very popular choice for makeup users is a flat lay bag. These bags offer so much storage whilst keeping everything organised. Simply unroll or untie the bag and all your makeup is laid out flat in front of you, making it incredibly easy to find everything you need, even when you’re in a rush. Say goodbye to digging through the depths of your makeup bags to find your lipstick and buy one of these, it’s a game-changer.

    £23 The Flat Lay Co

    Quick Dry Towel

    Towels can be quite bulky when packing, but they are almost always essential, especially since many hostels charge extra to provide them. Even if you’re supplied towels, having a beach towel or something to sit on can be very useful. It is always a pain to wait for towels to dry so that’s why a Dock & Bay towel or similar is well worth the money. They not only fold up small and light but make your travels convenient.

    £25 Dock & Bay

    Apple AirTag

    A brilliant way to ensure you always know the whereabouts of your luggage is by using Apple AirTags. The thought of airports potentially losing or misplacing your bags can be nerve-wracking, but placing one of these in each piece of luggage provides the perfect solution. With AirTags you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that you have an extra level of security on your belongings.

    £35 Apple

    Wet/Dry Bag

    These lightweight, waterproof, zipper bags are incredibly useful for storing any wet items and throwing them into your suitcase without making everything damp. They effectively prevent your suitcase from that ‘damp’ smell when you return home. This allows you to enjoy one final beach swim on your last day before simply popping your swimming costume into one of these bags!

    £8 Go Travel

    Organisational File

    Having a designated place to keep all your essential documents, printed travel info (in case your phone dies), passports, credit cards etc., will help you stay organised and eliminate that panic of rummaging through your bag at the last moment. Opt for a small lightweight and easy-to-find folder – choosing a bright colour can make it easier to find in your bag. Ensure it’s waterproof, and consider getting one with zip-locked compartments to guarantee that none of your essentials accidentally fall out.

    £50 Beis Travel

    Mary Poppins Toiletries

    These bags make you feel like Mary Poppins; you can fit so much into them and keep everything organised. From shampoo to hairbrushes and skincare, it all fits neatly with clear compartments, making everything easy to find. Even better, buy one that hangs, so you can suspend it from the bathroom door and easily grab what you need.

    £40 Antler

    Convenient Shoes

    You never know when you may need some quick slip-on shoes. If you’re heading to a beach destination, they are likely already on your packing list. However, even for a city or winter escape, they can still come in handy in case of an emergency alarm in the middle of the night, or if you need quick shoes to throw on. The same applies to stay clean if you need to use communal showers whilst travelling.

    £30 Nike

    Properly preparing for your travels with the right set of essentials can truly make all the difference in ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable holiday. Additionally, having the support from your workplace and being able to take much-needed time away from your desk, can contribute to a relaxing holiday experience.

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  • Coronation Food and Drink Launches

    Coronation Food and Drink Launches

    It’s King Charles’ Coronation this Saturday, and any royal event is the perfect excuse to grab some snacks. Many brands have already released themed hampers, and limited edition products.

    Read on for our favourite picks of the 2023 Coronation Food and Drinks Launches.


    Whittard Regal Blend

    Fancy a Coronation cuppa? Whittard’s regal blend is available now; it’s a rich loose leaf black tea blended with Madagascan vanilla and red, white, and blue petals.

    £9.50 Whittard

    Coronation Colin

    It’s a spin on the classic Colin The Caterpillar, and it wouldn’t be a special occasion without one! He’s adorned in his very own golden crown, making him the perfect addition to your afternoon tea or a street party celebrations.

    £10 M&S 

    Colin the Caterpillar
    Coronation Sausages

    HECK Coronation Chicken Sausages

    Many people are choosing to have a BBQ this bank holiday weekend, and there’s a huge selection of street parties to attend! HECK has created a new Coronation Chicken recipe to honour the occasion, and it’s completely gluten-free as well!

    £2.50 Ocado

    Bakewell Tart Popcorn

    Joe and Seph’s have combined the classic British treat, a Bakewell Tart, with the perfect celebratory snack, popcorn. It’s an ideal sweet trat to enjoy while watching the Coronation!

    £4 Joe and Seph’s

    Buckingham Palace gin

    Buckingham Palace Dry Gin

    A gin made with hand-picked botanicals from the gardens at Buckingham Palace, indluding hawthorn berries and lemon verbena. It doesn’t get more fitting than this!.

    £40 Master of Malt

    TipTree Coronation Mayonnaise

    Make some cute Coronation sandwiches, dip your crisps or make a potato salad for this weekend with this limited edition mayo.

    £2.99 TipTree

    Coronatin Mayo
    Coronation crisps

    Sensations Regal Crisps

    Walkers Sensations have released two limited-edition flavours just in time for this weekend. If you’ve ever wanted roast lamb without the cooking, try their Regal Lamb and Mint crisps. Or, if you’d prefer a ‘better’ version of a prawn cocktail crisp, get your hands on their King Prawn Cocktail flavour too.

    £2 each Tesco

    Coronation Ale

    Crack open a cold bottle of ale to celebrate this weekend. This deep, rich ale with toasty notes is brewed in Dorset using British noble Sovereign and Endeavour hops.

    £2.50 Sainbury’s

    Coronation Ale
    Coronation Gin

    Whitley Neill Coronation Gin

    G&T is a classic bank holiday drink, so why not try a special limited edition themed gin this weekend.

    £30 The Drop Store

    Tyrrells Coronation Chicken Crisps

    With a cute Coronation-themed design, Tyrrell’s coronation chicken crisps have made a return!

    £2.75 Waitrose

    Coronation Chicken Crisps

    Here at New Chapter, we work with plenty of the brands on this list and many more.
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