Grocer FMCG Awards 2023 Recap

Grocer FMCG Awards 2023 Recap

Every year, the grocery industry comes together to celebrate suppliers, retailers, and individuals with amazing achievements at the Grocer Gold Awards. In this blog, we will showcase the companies that are at the top of their game, winning in each category!

TRIP: Founded in 2019, with their pastel mainstream cans, Trip went viral on TikTok when CBD drinks were still a niche concept. They have since become the fastest-growing soft drink in the UK, both in terms of retail sales and listings, experiencing rapid growth.

Hellmann’s aimed to make money-saving tips and recipes available to all with their ‘Cook Clever, Waste Less’ campaign. They also focused on offering versatility in their products with Chilli, Gravy, and Coronation flavors, as well as updating their packaging.

Lucky Saint has claimed the title of the UK’s No.1 dedicated alcohol-free beer brand in just 4 years. They discovered that 63% of consumers who purchased Lucky Saint in a bar, pub, or restaurant went on to buy it in a supermarket.

Applied Nutrition achieved a growth of 61% compared to the previous year through well-executed strategic moves and bold, creative marketing. They even took inspiration from Prime – Logan Paul and KSI’s energy drink by modeling their own Body Fuel drink.

M&S has won Grocer of the Year for the very first time, and M&S CEO Stuart Machin has been awarded the Grocer Cup. They have successfully attracted younger shoppers and experienced a 26% growth in organic customers, surpassing any rival in the industry.

Zoflora experienced a huge demand during the pandemic. However, in 2021, after the pandemic, they recognized the need to diversify their products. Expanding on trigger sprays and wipes, they focused on increasing their retail presence.

Wild Cosmetics has completely disrupted the category with their refillable deodorants, saving 30 tonnes of disposable plastic from ending up in landfills in just 3 years. This truly innovative approach allowed them to earn Health and Beauty Brand of the Year.

Bold Bean was launched into a category that had remained virtually unchanged for 50 years, offering jarred and cooked beans as an alternative to reduce meat consumption. Christe-Miller, the founder, has created a following on her social media platforms to share recipes and promote the products.

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