Navigating Pregnancy as an FMCG Recruiter

Navigating Pregnancy as an FMCG Recruiter

Hello, job hunters, hiring managers, and soon-to-be mums! As a dedicated recruitment consultant working in the Beauty and Retail sector my days currently revolve around creating connections and matching talent with their dream opportunities. The beauty and retail industry has been my focus for over 5 years. I recently found out some exciting and slightly terrifying news: I’m pregnant! The pregnancy news gave me a new appreciation for maternity FMCG products and companies, many of which are now guiding me through this exciting journey of motherhood.

Pregnancy Skincare: Defying Beauty Stereotypes

Navigating society’s expectations for flawless skin during pregnancy can be overwhelming. Since the news of my pregnancy, a concern has been the possibility of stretch marks. As women, we’ve been conditioned to believe that these marks detract from the beauty of pregnancy. However, as I embark on the journey of growing a genuine, whole human being (a thought that still seems crazy), my focus has shifted away from mere external appearances. Rather than fixating on how my stomach looks, my attention has turned to more meaningful thoughts and feelings.

Among my priorities is maintaining a daily pregnancy skincare routine for my growing bump, and everyday comfort. Through meticulous trial and error, I have explored many different products that have become my favourites and I would love to share them with you all. 


Tried and Tested FMCG Pregnancy Skincare Products

Original Bio-oil – I have found this oil the best to soothe the itchiness that can come with pregnancy. The best part? You only need a small amount, so it lasts much longer than other products.

Try Mama Mio’s Tummy Oil Rub for a light and gentle option. It’s kind to animals and the planet. Plus, it’s got Omega oils and vegan ingredients that are good for your skin.

Another Mama Mio product but this one is for luxurious Comfort. When you want something rich and fancy, Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Cream is the answer. It smells great, doesn’t leave your skin oily, and makes your skin super smooth and healthy.

If you’re up for a bit of a splurge, Clarins’ Tonic Body Treatment Oil is worth it. It’s made from pure plant oil, and your skin will feel super soft, just like a baby. I’ll definitely keep using this one after pregnancy!

Summer Fridays’ Babymoon Belly Balm is a must-have. It’s one of my favourites because everything about it is great – the packaging, the ingredients, and the results. THis belly balm is doesn’t need water, and it’s vegan. It’s been a constant companion for the last 7 months, keeping my skin hydrated and smooth where I need it most.

As a collective of empowered women, we’re dismantling beauty negativity and choosing to centre our attention on our health and well-being. I will be creating a series of my recommendations so If you’re curious about other brands that have resonated with me during my pregnancy journey, please keep an eye out for my future blogs.

Feel free to also contact me directly if you want to share your own pregnancy ‘must haves’ or if you’re looking to hire/looking for a new role: I look forward to hearing from you.

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