Stay Active Despite Your Desk Job​

Stay Active Despite Your Desk Job​

The benefits of staying active are endless. Not only does it reduce the risk of heart attacks and diabetes, but it also works wonders for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. And let’s not forget that it produces endorphins – exercise gives your mind a boost by reducing stress and lifting your mood. Health pros and researchers recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most (if not all) days.

We totally get it – office life makes it difficult to stay active. Being glued to your desk, reduces the amount of exercise available throughout the day and also means a lot of us are too tired to visit the gym once we get home.

Staying active is a must for better mental and physical health. So how can you stay active whilst working a desk job?

Bike or Walk to Work

Cycling or a leisurely stroll is a great way to squeeze in some exercise. It may increase your commuting time, but it saves you money and even helps the environment. Plus cycling improves your cardio-vascular and aerobic fitness, ultimately making you happier at work. Who doesn’t want that?

Keep your Body Moving

We know, staying active during the day is a challenge, but there are a few ways of combating the low mood that comes with sitting down all day. Firstly, ditch the lift and opt for the stairs which burns calories and increases your heart rate. Alternatively, if you drive, something simple like parking your car further away will increase the distance it takes you to walk to work and adds those extra steps into your day. And for those who work from home, take a look at the under desk walking treadmills – a great way to multitask!

Eat Well

Eating well increases energy levels which makes it easier to stay active throughout the day. Increase your fruit, veg and protein intake is a great way to boost your vitamins and energy. This makes for a better mood and increases mental and physical productivity.

Stand Up Regularly

Find reasons to stand up more often. Stand at the printer or treat yourself to making more coffees. Perhaps you could even walk around when making calls. These are all simple ways to get your blood flowing and raise your heart rate. Standing desks can also allow you to alternate between sitting and standing, whilst staying at your desk.

Get Active on your Lunch

Use your lunch break to get active! On average, we spend 8-10 hours a day at our desks so go for a quick walk or run or visit the nearest gym for a quick session. Working out on your lunch break increases performance by 15% and reduces that post-lunch slump.

Here at New Chapter, we offer extended gym lunch breaks to all our employees, it increases production and reduces that afternoon slump.

If you’re looking for a new role or company that prioritises health and offers many benefits such as gym lunches; contact us on to find out about our clients current opportunities.

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