A LinkedIn Guide For Beginners

A LinkedIn Guide For Beginners

In today’s technology-obsessed world, even the business realm is glued to social media. As of June 2023, LinkedIn had more than 930 million members across 200+ countries and territories worldwide. It’s time to get in on the action!

We’ve all been there – LinkedIn can be a bit confusing. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you utilise LinkedIn to your advantage. It is the ultimate platform for career advice and guidance.

Step 1: Advance Your Profile

To embark on your LinkedIn journey, start by creating a compelling profile that sets you apart from the crowd. Begin with a high-quality, friendly photo that showcases your professionalism and approachability.

It is crucial to include a headline and summary that highlights your expertise and career aspirations. Incorporating keywords relevant to your industry or sector throughout your profile will make it easier for companies to find you.

Step 2: Connect with EVERYONE!

Most importantly it’s time to start building your network! Identify the industry or company where you envision yourself in the future and search for professionals in similar positions. By doing so, you can assess their career paths and gain insights into how they achieved their dream roles. 

While you’re adding people, don’t forget to utilise the note feature. Putting a little bit of effort into a note can go a long way, especially when connecting with more senior profiles. Make it personable and punchy, mentioning why you’re adding them. These tips will help you stand out from the crowd of individuals.

We also highly recommend connecting with recruiters at New Chapter. We will be able to assist you in contacting the hiring team at your dream FMCG companies and also advise you on your CV and career path.

Step 3: Stay active

Gather a list of companies you’d love to work for, and follow them to stay updated with their posts, job openings, and company updates. These can be used in emails and messages as brilliant icebreakers, where you can tell them how much you love their new products. This approach can lead to warmer responses when networking and enquiring about potential roles.

After connecting, stay active on LinkedIn by engaging with posts on your feed. Building meaningful connections through engagement can lead to potential job opportunities in the future.

Step 4: Join events in your industry.

Now it’s time to further engage with professionals in your industry. One way to do this is by joining LinkedIn groups relevant to your interests. Participate in discussions, ask questions, and share insights to build your network.

Additionally keep your eye out for virtual events, webinars, and workshops hosted by industry professionals or companies that catch your attention. These events are a great way to network and meet new people, but also increase your FMCG knowledge.

Step 5: Update your profile!

Lastly, don’t forget to do consistent updates on your profile. 

To establish yourself in your field, start sharing articles, blog posts, or original content related to your industry. This demonstrates your passion and knowledge while increasing your visibility on LinkedIn. Don’t hesitate to mix it up with more personable posts to showcase your personality.

If you are a recent graduate or just new to LinkedIn, we hope these tips guide you towards becoming a stand-out candidate on LinkedIn. And if you’re seeking a role within the FMCG industry, contact us on info@newchapter.co.uk and our consultants can help you find your dream role.

Remember, LinkedIn is not just a platform for job hunting; it’s a powerful tool for building your professional network. Consistency and authenticity are key, so invest time in cultivating relationships and showcasing your passion for your chosen industry. Best of luck in your career journey!

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